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Destiny Numbers

Destiny Numbers

Bellisana 25/01/2020 0
This overview will give you a first look at Destiny Numbers This is not comprehensive, by any means, but I've added a couple of links to books where you can find more information. Destiny Number/Expression Number:  this number is derived by adding th...
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Heart Sterling Silver Pendant 7/8" New

Heart Sterling Silver Pendant 7/8"

Perfect sterling silver heart pendant. Unique design in this simple stylish peice. 7/8" wide with a ..


Infinity Heart Sterling Silver Pendant 3/4" New

Infinity Heart Sterling Silver Pendant 3/4"

Heart pendant with an infinity symbol intwined in the heart. The infinity symbol represents eternity..


Tree Heart Locket Sterling Pendant 3/4" New

Tree Heart Locket Sterling Pendant 3/4"

Beautiful tree design adorns the center of this heart locket. Sterling silver with opening to place ..


Symbology Pendant - Celtic Heart Sterling Silver

Celtic heart Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately. Approximate size: 0.75" x ..


Claddagh Pendant for Love by Symbology Sterling Silver

Small Claddagh Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately; see matching earrings (produc..


Claddagh Earrings for Love Sterling Silver by Symbology

Small Claddagh Hanging Dangle Earrings in .925 Sterling Silver. See matching pendant. Approxima..


Amour Éternel Pendant -43%

Amour Éternel Pendant

Love Forever; The ancient Egyptian amulet and symbol of eternity, the Ankh, is combined with the hea..

$70.00 $39.99

Amourankh Earrings

Amourankh Earrings by Alchemy Gothic symbolize eternal love in hearts of black mounted in fine Engli..



Tightlace Corset Bangle

Provocative waist cinching, from elegant Victorian high fashion to goth and fetish chic, applied now..


Heartfelt Watch by Alchemy of England Gothic

A sexy, punky twist on a wrist-watch for girls; four beautiful crystal hearts adorn this ravishingly..


Heart of Cthulhu Pendant

This pendant has a large, faceted Swarovski crystal heart with a multi-colored effect, encapsulated ..


Crystal Heart Pendant

A pure heart of rainbow-spangled white crystal is set inside a simple foliate frame of Victorian sen..


Draconic Tryst Necklace -20%

Draconic Tryst Necklace

Consorts of darkness and partners in deviance collude and entwine with adamantine embrace, for an in..

$49.99 $39.95

The Black Swan Romance Necklace

Thrown together by time, events and circumstances beyond coincidence - the rarest of all affair. Hig..


Epiphany of St. Corvus Necklace

The dove of peace and love conjoins with the raven of conflict and battle, harmonizing in romantic r..


Etendu Mort De Coeur Choker

Agonizingly expressing the forlorn torment of expired love, an aggrandized variant on the theme of t..


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Bellisana 17/11/2019 0
Sorry to be so late with this.  Getting married is hard work. LOL. I told Florian that we’d better get it right this time because I’m not doing that a...
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Digging Up the Past Chapter 3

Digging Up the Past Chapter 3

Sandi 16/12/2019 0
 I will have a new blog about Destiny numbers this weekend, but for now, I hope you enjoy Chapter 3!  Chapter 3  The police were gone by the time I go...
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Wedding Pictures

Wedding Pictures

Bellisana 30/12/2019 0
First let me say that without our Priestesses, none of the rest would have happened. They were wonderful.  Halloween was cold here, so we were inside ...
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