2 Dram Essence Oils | 12 Fragrances

2 Dram Essence Oils | 12 Fragrances


Azure Green Essence Oils offer carefully selected essential oils that have been blended to produce fragrances of superb quality for your home and your magical practice. Whether you are using them to anoint candles, seals, talismans and other ritual tools, or adding them to a diffuser to create pleasant atmosphere within your sanctuary, we're certain you'll adore our Essence Oils.

Bayberry is a potent aid in a great many spells and rituals involving protection and control. keep negative energies at bay or more completely harness the energies you wish to direct. Find it helpful in warding against curses as well, or in controlling and binding others; whether you wish to aid them in defeating their bad habits, keep them from doing harm to themselves or others, or have some other intent. 

Black Opium oil draws one into the realm of the mysterious and the hidden, and from there does it draw its potency. Use it by itself to open awareness, or use it as an addition to a ritual or spell to deepen ability , open hidden worlds and seek out mysteries. Black Opium oil is a great aid in exploration, within and without.

Gardenia serves well in representing the element of Water in your rituals, helpful in spells of healing, or love, where serenity can be a great help in motivating healing energies or creating a place for that love to grow.

Heliotrope is used to empower psychic or mental abilities, attract wealth and money.

Jasmine for love, dreams, financial success.

Lemon Verbena - a blend of pure essentials to create the core attributes and signature energies of this plant.

Lilac -  aids in warding off harmful and negative energies and attentions

Rose - spells and rituals involving love and fertility

Lotus -  an aid to help encourage an opening of the chakras or the mind, or in elevating yourself to a heightened state of spiritual awareness, protection, spiritual well-being

Musk - a potent aid in spells of money drawing and financial success

Vanilla - enhance lust in yourself or another

Tunisian Amber - magical aid to prevent ill luck or harm

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