About Us

Welcome to Pagan Realms!

We are Belisana and Aeslin.  Belisana has followed a solitary pagan path for over 40 years, and Aeslin for 20.  Since we now live 1200 miles apart we realized that there are many people out there who are separated from community or just enjoy meeting new people, so we have created Pagan Realms to be a community site as well as a source for all your ritual and supply needs. 

We follow complimentary but diverse eclectic pagan paths, so we don’t advocate one path over another.  We believe that each person is a reflection of their own beliefs, and their own form of spiritual practice, whether they follow one path or combine elements of many into their personal belief system. Everyone is welcome here, and we welcome your poems, art, short stories, ideas, recipes, and your opinion! We love hearing from you and welcome your submissions. Be our next featured artist, writer, creative genius!

In all of our products from, ritual tools, to jewelry, and clothing for all forms of positive pagan study and spirituality, we focus first on items made in America and add in local artisans as they inspire us.  We strongly support free trade and prefer to source directly from creators when possible. We provide products for Pagans, Wiccans, Buddhists, Druids, and most other alternate spiritual paths.  In addition, we have Steampunk jewelry and clothing!

Come in and see our rich and varied selection of spiritual tools, Reiki and spell candles, herbs, anointing oils, and spell kits to enhance your study and practice.  Then accessorize with inspirational Jewelry and Apparel that includes Anne Stokes Mythical Companions, Nordic Lights, and Briar's Dharma Charms and Gemstone collections as well as a wide variety of tarot decks, and chakra jewelry.

Feel free to email us with questions!

Blessed Be,

Bellisana & Aeslin