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Cape-Midnight Fantasy Cloak

Midnight Fantasy Cloak is a full length & full circle Velvet Cloak with a generous hood. A uni..


Countess Steampunk Ensemble - 4-pc

Countess 4-pc Ensemble includes * Countess Multi-Layered Shrug (C1208) * Midshipman's Unde..


European Medieval Shirt New

European Medieval Shirt

European Medieval Shirt is made from high-quality Rayon fabric. Buttoned cuffs & drawstring in f..


Farmer's Tunic New

Farmer's Tunic

The Farmers Tunic is inspired with traditional early medieval period. The rich & thick fabric is..


Hippolytus Greek Tunic New

Hippolytus Greek Tunic

This tunic was named after the Greek mythological character, Hippolytus, whose name means unleasher ..


Lace up Pants New

Lace-up Pants

In a variety of colors, these pants are no loose fitting baggies. Rich & thick fabric grabs the ..


Ladies' Bonnet New

Ladies' Bonnet

The Bonnet was considered a sign of female dignity and decency. Only unmarried women could leave the..


Men's Renaissance Shirt New

Men's Renaissance Shirt

This shirt is made from thick & rich fabric. Dropping shoulders gives it a perfect Renaissance l..


Mens Audemar Linen Tunic 11 Colors

This is a super versatile wardrobe must-have! Ankle-length linen tunic has a basic scoop neck, is lo..


Metal Loop Shirt

The most noticeable quality of this shirt is the array of metal loops, flowing through the body in f..


Steampunk Captain Of The Skies Overbust Buckle Corset

Steampunk Captain Of The Skies Overbust Buckle Corset Made from Faux Leather fabric, the cor..


Swordsman Pants New

Swordsman Pants

The Swordsman Pants have been made from high-quality viscose fabric with elastics at ankles as well ..


 Wench Bodice - Reversable New

Wench Bodice - Reversable

An elegant Reversible bodice made from highly durable & soft viscose fabric & decorate with ..


White Ritual Gown

Wear as a gown or chemise. * Beautiful lace runs along the sleeves * Elastic around neck gives ..


4" x 6" Dragon book box

A nifty little brown colored, solid book box. Having embossed detailed Double Dragon entwined, on it..


6" Pyramid Salt Lamp

Salt lamps come in a shapes and sizes and are loved for the ambient light they cast and are reputed ..


60" x 90" Goddess Cerridwen Tapestry

"Blessed Be" shows at the top of this tapestry. The design includes a cloaked priestess or the Godde..


7 Chakra Flower of Life Crystal Ball Set

Set of 55mm & Chakra Flower of Life Crystal Balls. Shown on the 10" Flower of Life Sta..


7 Chakra Tapestry 54" x 86"

Vibrant tie dye on this tapestry is multi colored and shows a seated person in lotus pose illustrate..


7 Chakra Tie Dye Tote Bag 18" x 18" New

7 Chakra Tie Dye Tote Bag 18" x 18"

Chakra tote bag displays Om encirlced by chakra symbols on a yoga goddess. Well stitched and tie dye..