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Agate Gemstone Tree

A beautiful altar decoration and ritual tool, the mixed agate gemstone tree takes the form of a wire..


Amethyst Gemstone Tree 160 Beads

Beautiful and powerful both symbolically and energetically, the amethyst gemstone tree features doze..


Amethyst Pyramid 25-30mm

Using the potency of pyramid magic with the spiritual properties of amethyst, this small pyramid can..


Amethyst Pyramid 30-40mm

This amethyst pyramid is a powerful tool for ritual practice, crystal healing, and other energetic p..


Antique Rose Wine Bottle Holder

This wine holder is part of the 'Shades of Alchemy' collection. A range of sumptuous giftware and ho..


Brass Ganesh Shrine 3 1/2"

This small statue depicts the elephant -headed, Hindu god Ganesh. The remover of obstacles, as he is..


Carnelian Gemstone Tree

Said to help with focus and ambition, and in revealing new talents, the Carnelian Gemstone tree is a..


Cat Angel Urn New

Cat Angel Urn

This angle winged cat sleeps quietly on top of their favorite pillow. The urn is beautifully hand pa..


Frogs Beads in various stones (2/pk) New

Frogs Beads in various stones (2/pk)

2 Detailed frog stone beads for jewelry making and craft work. Frog totem represents a prosperous an..


Ganesh Sitting Brass 3"

This small statue depicts the Remover of Obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings, the Hindu God Ganesh,..


Gargoyle Guardian 6"

This fierce gargoyle statue stands with a fist cocked back as though he is ready to strike out at wh..


Ram Horned Gargoyle 6"

Known for decorating medieval buildings, gargoyles have are known in modern times as symbols of prot..


Raven 12" Figure

A giant statue of Raven perched atop a tree stump. Made of delicately hand painted, cold cast resin...


Raven Looking Backward 6"

Celebrating the noble raven, this is an elegant detailed statue displaying the black winged bird poi..


Raven Looking Downward 5 1/2"

Reminiscent of the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, this detailed statue portrays a raven lookin..


Raven Tea Light Figure New

Raven Tea Light Figure

The harbinger of the old gods, illuminating the dark night of the soul. (Candle not included) Approx..


Winged Cat Gargoyle 6 1/2"

This wonderful resin cast gargoyle cat is 6 1/2" x 8" x 4"..


Yule Chime Candle Holder - Angel, Horse, and Clown Toppers

This beautiful chime candle holder is intended to give your Yule season a little more cheer, featuri..


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