Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone and crystal jewelry with purposed gemstones for finding and expressing feelings of love and attraction. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Garnet with charms and sentiments of Valentine's Day love. Heart shaped pendants, rings and earrings

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Citrine Heart Pendant 1"

This is citrine gemstone as a heart pendant. It has a loop for a cord or small chain. Colors range ..


Fluorite Heart 1 3/4"

Fluorite can be many colors. These hearts are no exception. From Green to purple to grays or translu..


Garnet & Rose Quartz Bracelet with Heart Charm

Love will flow in wearing this heart opening bracelet. Garnet is a sensual stone that will bring you..


Graftadoz Heart Pendant 1"

This gemstone quartz "Graftadoz" is rutilated by grafite. The clear to dark stone shows the black st..


Green Aventurine & Black Onyx Bracelet with Claddagh Heart

Polished stones aventurine and black onyx spaced by clear faceted pieces on a stretch elastic as wel..


Heart Chakra 8mm Bracelet New

Heart Chakra 8mm Bracelet

Heart chakra bracelet consisting of shungite, selenite, green aventurine, and rose quartz. The heart..


Labradorite Heart 1.75"

Labradorite heart is dark with simmering translucent color which makes this stone so loved. 1 3/4" A..


Love Booster Bracelet 6mm Rose Quartz, Garnet, Strawberry Quartz

6mm Beaded bracelet packed with the energy of love! All three stones resonate with the heart chakra ..


Quartz Heart Pendant 1"

Clear quartz gemstone hearts are transparent. Real stone each may show inclusions within the heart. ..


Rose Quartz & Rodhonite Bracelet with Heart

This 8mm rose quartz and rodhonite beaded bracelet is highlighted with faceted pieces and accen..


Rose Quartz Chambered Pendulum New

Rose Quartz Chambered Pendulum

Rose Quartz pendulum with a tiny chamber to add alittle something extra to your dowsing experience. ..


Rose Quartz Heart 1.75"

Carved from natural Rose Quartz and highly polished the beautiful heart can serve as decoration or a..


Rutilated Quartz Heart Pendant 1"

This rutiliated quartz gemstone heart shows lines and tentrals through the stone. Each is very uniqu..


Self Care Bracelet 6mm Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Quartz

6mm Amethyst, Quartz, and Rose Quartz gemstone trio combines a number of self care supporting energi..


Smoky Quartz Heart Pendant 1"

This smokey quartz gemstone heart is semi clear. Each can have inclusions. Every heart is unique. So..


Amethyst Bracelet 8mm New

Amethyst Bracelet 8mm

Amethyst is a very popular and powerful stone with ancient history of use. Amethyst may assist you i..


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