Black Rose Decor Trio by Alchemy of England

New Black Rose Decor Trio by Alchemy of England


Black Rose Curtain Tie Backs / Hooks, and Black Rose Candle holder are combined in this statement of sophistication. The black rose symbolizes perfection, making this decor set perfect for yourself or someone you love and appreciate. 

Black Rose Hanging Ball| A bundle of artificial soft foam black roses with hanging wire. A symbol of perfection and tragic love. Approximate Dimensions: H: 16cm (6.30") W: 16cm (6.30") D: 16cm (6.30") Materials: Soft Foam

Black Rose Hooks / Tiebacks | A black rose with an attached hook for hanging keys or jewelry on. Can also be used as a tie back for curtains or a towel hanger. Approximate Dimensions: H: 16cm (6.30") W: 10cm (3.94") D: 5.5cm (2.17") Weight: 184g (6.49oz) Materials: Porcelain, Painted Metal

Black Rose Candle Holder / Trinket Bowl | A beautiful black rose candle holder. Approximate Dimensions: H: 7cm (2.76") W: 11cm (4.33") D: 12cm (4.72") Weight: 392g (13.83oz) Materials: Ceramic

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