Briar Dharma Charms Buddhist Pendants

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Lovingly crafted from lead-free pewter and set with splendid crystals, a presentation gift pouch is included with these charms.

Lotus Knot for Purity & Knowledge - The endless knot, symbol of long life and eternal love, with the purity of the Lotus flower shows interdependence of all things. With no beginning and no end, this sacred icon holds infinite knowledge.

Buddha Tree for Inspiration - Adorned with a green crystal and a red crystal. - For inspiration. Approximate size: 1 ½"x¾" After many years of searching, Prince Siddhartha Gautoma found enlightenment after deep meditation under a sacred fig tree. This beautiful pendant subtly celebrates his moment of Truth.

Victory Banner for Strength of Purpose - Victory of the activities of body, speech and mind over obstacles and negativities is powerfully symbolized in this classical Tibetan charm.

Sacred Triad Pendant for WellbeingSupreme and cosmic Bhaishajyaguru illuminates the entire universe and is master of healing, both physical and spiritual. He is seen in triad with the sister Bodhisattvas of Sunlight and Moonlight. 

Saptaratna Stone for Spiritual WealthThe shining jewel purifies the heart and represents all the treasures of Buddhism. Known as the “wish granting stone” it is said to satisfy all sincere desires. For Spiritual wealth. Approximate size: 2½" x 1"

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