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Granular Incense - 1 oz. 7 Archangels

7 Archangel Resin incense is an otherworldly blend of resin fragrances intended to be burned upon yo..


Heaven & Earth Angel Healing Kit

Includes:- Crystal Angels 444 by Alaina Fairchild | A book that provides a truly unique approach to ..


Incense - Church Resin Kit

Used within magical rites, religious worship, and otherwise treasured for their wonderful fragrance,..


Incense - HEM Cone 10 Packs - Dragon's Blood

This is a 10 pack of high quality Dragon's Blood incense from HEM, known for its magical properties...


Incense - Kamini Cone 10 Packs - Dragon's Blood, Black Opium + 20 more

Incense cones by Kamini Aromatics. Each box contains 10 ready to use incense cones and a metal burne..


Incense - Lodestone Powder 1 Lb

Using the magnetic qualities of the lodestone as inspiration and influence, Lodestone powder incense..


Incense - Resin Incense Gift Pack

Resin Incense Gift Pack Including Frankincense, Myrrh, Gum Benzoin, and Gum Damar, this resin incen..


Incense - Resin Starter Kit

Explore the influence of four incense scents used since ancient times as they have been used for cen..


Incense Burner - 2.5 - 2” Abalone Shell

These small, red-streaked iridescent shells are great for burning cone or resin incense. They also m..


Incense Burner - 3" - 4" Abalone Shell with Stand

Abalone Shell Incens Burner with Stand for granular incense and to rest smudge sticks. 3"-4"..


Incense Burner - 5" - 6" Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell Incens Burner with Stand for granular incense and to rest smudge sticks. 5"-6"..


Incense Burner - Black & Fuchia Hamsa 5" x 3.5"

Beautifully tooled resin with a black base color predominantly highlighted with fuchsia designing. T..


Incense Powder - Dragons Blood 1.75 oz

Self-lighting powder incense to strengthen and empower your magical works. 1.75 oz...


Incense Resin Burner Bowl - 4" Green Tree of Life

A carved tree symbol appears on two sides of this soapstone burner. Chalice shape makes this a versa..


Incense Resin Burner Bowl - Red Stone - 2.5"

This thick black soapstone bowl on pestal is for burning your resin. Add sand for stick or cone ince..


Incense Sticks - Escential 16 Packs

Strongly scented Escential Incence for spells, manifesting, dreams, and dozens of scents and combina..


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