Candle Holders

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Black Rose Candle Holder New

Black Rose Candle Holder / Trinket Bowl

A beautiful black rose candle holder / small trinket bowl. Approximate Dimensions: H: 7cm (2.76") W:..


Black Rose Decor Trio by Alchemy of England New

Black Rose Decor Trio by Alchemy of England

Black Rose Curtain Tie Backs / Hooks, and Black Rose Candle holder are combined in this statement of..


Brass Taper and Pillar Candle Holder

These brass fixtures feature a unique design allowing them to hold both regular tapers and small pil..


Buddha Shadow Votive Candle Holder

A simple, unglazed clay candle holder bearing the engraved image of the Buddha. Suitable for a teali..


Celtic Familiars Gift Ensemble by Lisa Parker -25%

Celtic Familiars Gift Ensemble by Lisa Parker + FREE Candles

LIsa Parkers Celtic Collection features black cats and pentagrams covered in ivy and adorned with ce..

$102.80 $77.49

Citrine tealight Candle Holder

Citrine, a beautiful crystal with a warm, reddish coloring, is typically known for its use within fi..


Cobalt Ceramic Starry chime holder

This small ceramic chime candle holder is a wonderful piece for your altar if you've ever starred up..


Himalayan Pink Salt Candle Holder

Carved of Himalayan rock salt, this beautiful natural tealight holder displays the beautiful natural..


Pentagram Candle Holder Altar Plate

A combination of mystical symbolism with practical use, this altar plate displays a pentagram, with ..


Pentagram Taper Candle Holder Set 5 1/2"

Detailed candle holder set for tapered candles. Features an interwoven pentacle, climbing ivy and re..


Raven Tea Light Figure New

Raven Tea Light Figure

The harbinger of the old gods, illuminating the dark night of the soul. (Candle not included) Approx..


Red Stone Tealight / Cone Incense Burner

Beautiful, simple in design, and highly functional, this red stone cone incense, or tealight burner ..


Rose Quartz Tealight Candle Holder

A beautiful candle holder thas has been carved from a natural formation of rose quartz, creating a c..


Selenite Iceberg Tealight Holder 2 1/2" New

Selenite Iceberg Tealight Holder 2 1/2"

Watch the flame of your tealight dance beautifully through this iceberg style selenite candle holder..


Skull Tea Light Holder

Thought shines eternally bright whilst the ephemeral body whither as fallen fruit in the ground. App..


Spike Votive Holder

Candle holder with spike to hold candles in place this holder will fit a wide variety of candle with..


White Ceramic Chime Holder

Simple, elegant, and easily fitting anywhere in the home or upon the altar, these white ceramic chim..


White Tower Selenite Tealight Candle Holder

This Selenite tealight holder will hold a tealight and diffuse the candle light through its crystal ..


Yule Chime Candle Holder with Angel, Horse, and Clown Toppers

This beautiful chime candle holder is intended to give your Yule season a little more cheer, featuri..