Candle Magic Books

Books and guides for the practice of candle magic spells.

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Advanced Candle Magick by Raymond Buckland

Advanced Candle Magick by Ray Buckland The authors first book on candle magick, Practical Candleburn..


Candle Magic by Lady Passion

An experienced High Priestess explains the benefits of working with fire; introduces rare fire Eleme..


Candle Magic by Phillip Cooper

This collection of spells, rituals and magic routines provides easily-learned instructions on how to..


Candle Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster

Candle Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster: From blowing out the candles on a birthday cake and m..


Magic Candle, Facts & Fundamentals by Charmaine Dey

Magic Candle by Charmaine Dey explains to you the methods, the science, and the magic of candle burn..


Master Book of Candle Burning by Henri Gamac

The Master Book of Candle Burning outlines the practices used and taught by mediums, spiritual advis..


Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland

Raymond Buckland helps create a clear and concise guide to candle magick for the modern Pagan with P..