Wealth & Money Spell Candles

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6" Taper Candles |10 Colors

Taper Candles Purple, Bue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, Brown, White, and Pink. Great for spel..


7" Joined Taper Pairs - 12 Colors

 7" Tapers Joined Wick PairsA pair of taper candles measuring 7" long x 3/4" at the base. S..


Cat Figure Candles in Green, Red or Black - 7"

This cat candle in red, black or green, resembling the ancient symbols of the Egyptian Goddess Bast,..


Cross Figure Candle - Red 4 1/2"

This crucifix candle is adorned with praying hands, and a open book upon its both sides. 2 1/2" x ..


Cross Figure Candle, White 4 1/2"

This crucifix candle is adorned with praying hands, and a open book upon its both sides. 2 1/2" x 4 ..


Crystal Journey Reiki Charged Pillar Candles

Made from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food grade with wicks constructed fr..


Divine Money Spells by William Oribello

Divine Money Spells by William Oribello: This workbook contains ancient magickal techniques drawn fr..


Green Male candle

A great addition to any candle magic practice and sympathetic magic, this milk green male iconic can..


Lailokens Awen Business Success Candle 4 1/4"

Light candles for success in business, to attract customers, and increased cash flow. Made on the d..


Lailokens Awen Success & Prosperity Candle 4 1/4"

Light candle to achieve success and prosperity in any endeavour. Handcrafted with 100% Canadian bee..


Lakshmi Resin Incense 1.2oz

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. She grants both worldl..


Metallic Chime 20 Packs Gold / Silver + 1 FREE Fairy Star Chime Holders

​20 Pack Chime Candles in Gold or Silver + 1 FREE gold or silver Fairy Star Chime Holders Gold&..


Orange Blossom Oil 2 dram

Blended of assorted pure oils, our Orange Blossom Oil captures the essence of the flower of the same..


Pillar Candle & Gemstone Pendant - 6.25" x 2"

A wonderful house warming gift! Abundance, Love, Protection, Courage and many more charged candles, ..


Prosperity Pillar Candle & Tiger Eye Pendant New

Prosperity Pillar Candle & Tiger Eye Pendant

Sweet smelling Prosperity candle with a Tiger Eye point pendant. Light the candle and release your i..


Pyramid Candle, Blue Jasmine 2 1/2"

Famous for Winning court cases or keeping law away, blue pyramid candle can help connect with myster..


Pyramid Candle, Green Cherry 2 1/2"

A solid green pyramid candle which can help empower your spells and rituals of money, success, growt..


Sage Oil 2 dram

Crafted to capture the essence of the herb of the same name, our Sage Oil possesses many of the same..


Secret Desire Fulfilled Boxed Ritual Kit

Bring that which you desire, mind, body and spirit, into your life with the powerful wish magic the ..