Espiritu Love Spell Oils 1oz

Espiritu Love Spell Oils 1oz


Oils may provide many different results in various areas in your life. Use them in ritual magic, anointing, aromatherapy and spell-crafting. 

Adam & Eve Oil can be worn by anyone. It is said to help strengthen your love and aid in peaceful, loving relationships.

Aphrodisia Oil is said to create an ultimate intimate experience, and is great for romantic massages, and opening the heart.

Attraction Oil to help give you the edge when you are looking for a new partner.

Bewitching Oil to bind the one you love to yourself in love and affection, increase the power of your love spells, and otherwise win the heart of the one you crave above all others.

Cleopatra Oil can be used as an aphrodisiac to help you excite your lover, mind, body, and spirit. A potent scent for lovers.

Come To Me Oil may be used to draw in someone from the universe.

Doves Blood may used for love, peace, friendship or to help get what you want.

Fire of Love Oil may be used in love spells design to heat up new love affairs and sexual satisfaction.

Flames of Desire Oil may be used to make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Glow of Attraction may be used to attract a new love or concentrate on the one you desire.

Honeysuckle Oil is said to protect the bonds of love with a sweet aroma.

Irresistible Oil may be used to entice a lover.

Love Breaker Oil may be used to break up a relationship.

Love Drawing Oil may be used to guide love your way.

Love Drops Oil may be used to generate positive love energy around you.

Love Me Oil may be used to help attract a difficult love target.

Love Spell Oil may be used in spell magic to create love bonds between people.

Lovers Oil may be used to enhance your love life in many ways.

One Love Oil may be used to manifest that one true love.

Pan is the greek god of the wild and Pan Oil may be use for things sexual, animal and sensual.

Passion Oil may be used to invoke passion into your relationships and life.

Sexual Energy Oil may be used in practices to add spark and variety into the bedroom.

Venus oil may be used in all issues concerning love by invoking the Goddess Venus.

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