Lapis is a December birthstone and a 7th and 9th Aniversary gift. Known to enhance clarity and psychic ability.

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2 Lapis Stones Leather Blank Book w/ Latch 5" x 7"

2 Lapis Stone Embossed and Stitched Leather Journal, 5 x 7 inches with metal lock. Comes with 120 pa..


Lapis & Rutilated Quartz 8mm Bracelet w/ Ganesha

This lapis and rutilated quarts is highlighted with amber color faceted pieces and accented with pew..


Lapis Bracelet 8mm

Open yourself to the spirit world and infinite possibilities of the imagination wearing this power h..


Lapis Chambered Pendulum

Created for dowsing and ritual divination, the lapis chambered pendulum offers you a pendulum bob th..


Lapis Change & Promise Pendant by Nature's Power

Lapis for a fresh breath of change and promise. Approximate 1" sealed vial with natural oil added to..


Lapis Chip Bracelet

Dyed Lapis Chip bracelet, chips are strung on an elastic string. Approx. 3 1/8" loop...


Lapis Egg 2"

Lapis offers many benefits as well as it being a beautiful crystal. It is associated with truth and ..


Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones 1 lb

Lapis is a beautiful stone, whose cobalt blue coloring is beautifully shown off when tumbled, along ..


Lapis Pendulum Bracelet -25%

Lapis Pendulum Bracelet

Each of these Pendulum Bracelets is a powerful and multi-use magical tool. Each can serve its owner ..

$35.95 $26.95

Lapis Pentagram Earrings

These earrings allow you to focus your energy with a short meditation and the gentle swaying of the ..


Lapis Pyramid 25-30mm

Using the potency of pyramid magic with the spiritual properties of lapis, this small pyramid can he..


Lapis Stretch Bracelet 4mm

Buy 3 to save 25% !  A one size fits most Lapis bracelet made from natural stone beads str..


Lapis Triquetra Earrings

These earrings will you to focus your energy with a short meditation and the gentle swaying of the e..


Palo Santo & Lapis Bracelet

Lapis and Palo Santo beaded bracelet. This bracelet performs double duty with this combo. Lapis was ..


Third Eye 8mm Chakra Bracelet New

Third Eye 8mm Chakra Bracelet

Third eye chakra bracelet consisting of shungite, selenite, lapis, labradorite, and quartz. The thir..


2 Crones Lapis Earrings with Triquetra Charm

Earrings - Handmade Lapis earrings with Triquetra charm..


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