Goddess of Earth Gift Set Black & Gold

New -25% Goddess of Earth Gift Set Black & Gold


Goddess of Earth 100% cotton Tapestry beautifully portrays the Goddess of the Earth within a pentagram and framed by Celtic knots, with the divine feminine represented as creation and rebirth within a spiral over her womb. Hand dyed broadcloth.

Goddess of Earth Shopping Tote, featuring gold and black images on its 100% cotton surface, this tote bag is bordered in intricate Celtic knots while focusing on a complex pentagram. Double sided. 18” x 18”

9" Goddess Standing Brass Burner for cone or granular incense. Beautiful detailed scrolling, and adds heighth to your altar display.

Night Queen incense cones by Kamini Aromatics. Each box contains 10 ready to use incense cones and a metal burner plate. Burner plate should be placed on a heat safe surface for use. Night Queen – (aka Night Jasmine) – Dreamwork, Prophetic Dreams, Money Drawing, Love. It is said if you are experiencing restless sleep or nightmares, try burning a sandalwood, frankincense, night queen or lavender incense before bed. It is said to be the choice herb/oil of Dianic women. It is also said, throughout history, it has been used to lower fevers, help with all forms of rheumatism, and sciatica. Other related properties: symbolic of the moon and of the mysteries of the night, can induce prophetic dreams if burned in the bedroom; also associated with good luck in love and wealth, anointing; Balance; Luck; Fortune; Justice; Happiness; Harmony; Peace; Meditation; Money; Riches; Astral Projection, Sleep, Healing and Health.

Black Onyx Goddess Dangle Earrings will allow you to focus your energy with a short meditation and the gentle swaying of the earrings as you move through the day will remind you of your purpose. Hypo allergenic, surgical steel French hooks. Black Onyx, Pewter, Beads are 1/4", Charms are 1 1/4" x 1/4", Overall length is 2 1/2". Made in USA.

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