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1 Lb Activated Charcoal powder

Activated Charcoal is known for its cleansing and protective abilities and is used to render a harmf..


3 Kings Granular Incense 1 Lb

This granular resin incense is of excellent quality, purity and strength, compounded of the finest h..


3" - 4" Abalone Shell Incense Burner

Useful for burning cone or resin incense, as a receptacle for smudge wands, holder for crystals or t..


5"- 6" Abalone Shell incense burner

Abalone shell incense burner. They range in size from 5-6 assorted. These silvery and iridescent ab..


7 Archangeles HEM Stick Incense

7 heavenly fragrances of 5 sticks each, in 7 artistically designed packets inside a box, truly inspi..


7 Archangels Resin Incense 1 Lb

7 Archangel Resin incense offers an otherworldly aromatic smoke intended to be burned upon your char..


7 Archangels Resin Incense 1oz

7 Archangel Resin incense is an otherworldly blend of resin fragrances intended to be burned upon yo..


Ajna Chakra incense stick 10 pack

This stick incense blend of jasmine and Tulasi has been mixed together and rolled by hand, following..


Ajna Chakra Resin Incense 1.2 oz

The Aja Chakra, the sixth energetic center, is situated in the space between the eyebrows. It is hig..


All Purpose Powder Incense 1 Lb

This all purpose powder incense is multicolored, scented & self-lighting. 1 lb...


Amber Flame Escential Essences Incense Sticks 16 Pack

Stick incense that is strongly scented & elegantly packaged. For fire energies & elementals; protect..


Ananda Resin Incense 1.2oz

Ananda means Absolute bliss, beyond pain and sorrow, but also beyond happiness and pleasure... Trans..


Anti-Stress HEM Cone 10 Pack

A box of 10 Anti-Stress incense cones and a single metal burner plate. Burner plate must be placed o..


Arabic Gum 1 Lb

Known for thousands of years as a great ingredient for binding other ingredients together, Arabic Gu..


Arabic Gum powder (Acacia species) 1 Lb

Arabic Gum is used in incense or smoldered alone to add good vibrations and banish negativity and ev..


Attracts Money HEM Incense Cone 10 Pack

A box of 10 Attract Money incense cones and a single metal burner plate. Burner plate must be placed..


Banishing Stick Incense 13 Pack

Brought to you by 1618 Gold, this scented stick incense, focused for banishing and cleansing, comes ..


Cannabis HEM cone 10 pack

A box of 10 Cannabis cones and a single metal burner plate. Burner plate must be placed on a heat sa..


Church Resin Incense Kit

Used within magical rites, religious worship, and otherwise treasured for their wonderful fragrance,..


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