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Second Pentacle of Venus

This pentacle, drawing upon the magic of Venus, aids in obtaining grace and honor, or otherwise help..


Selenite Pendant with Kyanite New

Selenite Pendant with Kyanite

White Selenite pendant with a piece of Kyanite down the front. Super energy healing pendant. Each pi..


Serafina Aizza Life Angel for True Love & Loyal Friendship -40%

Serafina Aizza Life Angel for True Love & Loyal Friendship

Boldly beautiful Serafina Aizza, whose angel name means ‘Heavenly-winged Angel of Life’ stands guard..

$94.95 $56.95

Silver Moon Drop Healing Pendant by Nature's Power

Pendant holds a tiny Sterling Silver ball floating in a natural oil. Silver relates to the moon and ..


Smoky Quartz Angel Pendant

Sculpted from a piece of smoky quartz, each such smoky quartz angel pendant appears as though smoke ..


Smoky Quartz Heart Pendant 1"

This smokey quartz gemstone heart is semi clear. Each can have inclusions. Every heart is unique. So..


Smoky Quartz Slice Pendant New

Smoky Quartz Slice Pendant

Each Smoky Quartz pendant slice is unique in size and special inclusions. Smoky Quartz is great to w..


Sodalite Angel Pendant

Sculpted from a piece of blue and white veined sodalite. No cord. 1 1/4" x 3/4"..


Spell Charm Amulet

This spell charm is worn to protect against evil spells and magic, the jealousy of others, and the i..


Spondeo To Fnd Your True Soul Mate

The pledge is troth, the bond sacred in this life and forever more. True Love is Immortal. Eternity ..


Stag Power Amulet

This totem of the stag is intended to empower your life with the wisdom, virility, strength, grace a..


Sun Disk, Mother Protector Amulet

Double-sided, the Sun Disk amulet has been sculpted to display a stylized sun on both its front and ..


Sun Pendant with Citrine Bead New

Sun Pendant with Citrine Bead

Citrine like the sun brings new beginnings. It is a stone of abundance and wealth and helps all of o..


Sweetgrass Love, Hope, and Peace Pendant by Nature's Power

Three strands of Sweetgrass, representing Love, Hope & Peace. Approximate 1" sealed vial with na..


Sword in the Green for Magical Protection

This magical sword, crafted from strong metal and set with crystal charms, lies safely hidden in a G..


Sword of Sherwood for Bravery and Generosity

Robin Hood, the legendary ‘robber of the rich’, lived with his band of men in Sherwood Forest. The S..


Symbology Pendant - Brilliant Silver Pentagram for Success

Pentagram Pendant with Cubic Zirconia in .925 Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately. Approxima..


Symbology Pendant - Celtic Four Point Knot / Northern Knot for Good Luck in Sterling Silver

Celtic Four Point Knot / Northern Knot Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately; see m..


Symbology Pendant - Celtic Heart Sterling Silver

Celtic heart Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately. Approximate size: 0.75" x ..


Symbology Pendant - Pentapha Tree of Life for Protection Sterling Silver

Tree of Life Pentagram Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately. Approximate size..


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