Ecosmart Designs, USA

Pewter amulets by Ecosmart include All seeing eye, hamsa hand, devil trap, runes, seal of solomon, tree of life, goddess, magic hexagram, and Saint Michael and more.  Made in USA.

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Abracadabra Amulet

Abracadabra is an ancient healing spell from Rome. Said nine times, dropping the last letter each ti..


All Seeing Eye Amulet

Similar to a Hamsa Hand symbol, this All Seeing Eye amulet offers you protection from evil powers an..


All Seeing Eye Pentagram amulet

A pewter amulet showing the All Seeing Eye with an interwoven pentacle at the iris. Cast with flat b..


Archangel Michael 1 3/4" Amulet

A stunning display of angelic power in this amulet showing a triumphant Archangel Michael holding a ..


Avert Evil Eye Amulet

Created in the image of an eye within a triangle, this amulet is charged with protective magic to he..


Bring Love & Friendship Amulet

This amulet has been inscribed with words and signs of power that are intended to help bring love an..


Dragon and Phoenix Amulet

A double sided pewter amulet with the image of a dragon offering prosperity and good fortune, and th..


Irresistible Amulet

Depicting many arms reaching outward from a central orb, this amulet is worn to help make every acti..


Love Amulet

This runic amulet has been engraved with runes intended to empower your love spells and help bring l..


Magic Hexagram Amulet

The Hexagram has been used as a magical symbol for thousands of years as a form that can act as a po..


Protection Goddess Amulet

A Goddess figure with her arms upstretched to ward off all harm and protect the wearer. Made in U.S...


Protection Rune Amulet

This amulet has been engraved with a rune of protection to help shield the one who wears or carries ..


Protection, Power & Plenty Amulet

This Triple Protection rune is a simple but powerful talisman bearing runes of power to protect, emp..


Rune of Wealth Amulet

The Rune of Wealth amulet depicts a runic inscription intended to help bring the wearer prosperity. ..


Seal of Solomon Health and Prosperity Amulet

The Seal of Solomon Health and Prosperity has been created to aid you in invoke energies for good he..


Spell Charm Amulet

This spell charm is worn to protect against evil spells and magic, the jealousy of others, and the i..


Sun Disk, Mother Protector Amulet

Double-sided, the Sun Disk amulet has been sculpted to display a stylized sun on both its front and ..


Tree of Life Amulet

The Tree of Life amulet; a potent symbol used as a focus for accessing the energies that unite the p..


Wicca Wisdom Amulet

A crescent moon, encircled in mists that form the wizened face of an old man, this amulet is a power..


Wiccan Goddess Amulet

Skyclad woman holding torque of power with the symbols of moon and gender. Behind her is is a pentag..