Mythic Celts


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Mythic Celts Avalon Phoenix Successful Transition Pendant

Otherworld mythology states that Avalon is an island of peace and paradise and it Celtic phoenix emb..


Mythic Celts Beltane Stag Fertile Energy Pendant

The stag of Beltane celebrates the lighter half of life and represents the life-giving, nurturing fe..


Mythic Celts Bran's Raven Bravery Evermore Pendant

"Bran the Blessed" is King of Britain in Welsh mythology and his raven roams the skies carrying his ..


Mythic Celts Call of Annwn Spiritual Abundance Pendant

"Annwn" is the Otherworld in Welsh mythology. Ruled by Arawn, it was essentially a world of delights..


Mythic Celts Charm of Cu Chalainn Fierce Determination Pendant

Cu Chulainn is an Irish mythological hero who appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, as well as..


Mythic Celts Dance of Rhiannon Boundless Energy Pendant

Rhiannon was the Celtic Goddess of inspiration and is associated with the moon, animals, and the num..


Mythic Celts Luna Dragon Strength on Life's Journey Pendant

The Celts believed that these nocturnal dragons traveled across the night at the sight of the moon c..


Mythic Celts Merlin's Oak Intuitive Power Pendant

This is the sacred tree in which the soul of Merlin awaits his return. According to legend, the wise..


Mythic Celts Moon Shield Clarity & Reflection Pendant

Where the Sun boldly bears down its blaze upon a philosophical subject, the moon softly enfolds our ..


Mythic Celts Morrigan's Moon Moth Intuition Pendant

The Morrigan is the Celtic Goddess of War. She has been associated with many things, including femin..


Mythic Celts Ouroborous Renewal Pendant

The Ouroboros represents an eternal cycle of renewal - the past disappears but is still present in t..


Mythic Celts Star of Skellig Spiritual Growth Pendant

The Skellig Star is central to Irish mythology and astronomy as the lunar phases closely mirror our ..


Mythic Celts Sulis Minerva Wisdom & Healing Pendant

Sulis is the Celtic Goddess of healing and sacred waters and the Roman Goddess of wisdom. Pendant is..


Mythic Celts Wisdom of Danu Divine Knowledge Pendant

Danu means "the flowing one" and is the great mother of the Gods and the divine creator who births a..


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