Mythical Companions by Anne Stokes

Simply Stunning! Lovingly handcrafted in STERLING SILVER, to bring magical guidance for life's journey. Fantasy artist, Anne Stokes, features crystals and some gold accents. Includes a 925 Silver chain and satin gift pouch.

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Mythical Companions - Amphisibaena for Cosmic Protection by Anne Stokes

Two-headed Amphisbaena watches over the wearer – while one head sleeps, the other is always alert an..


Mythical Companions - Celestial Dragon for Inner Peace by Anne Stokes

Favorite of the Chinese emperors, the Celestial Dragon’s scales hold the magical secrets of Yin and ..


Mythical Companions - Divine Pegasus for Inspiration by Anne Stokes

The immortal winged horse – flying equine of the Greek Muses – is symbol of inspired imagination. Im..


Mythical Companions - Draco for Stability & Progress + Free Dragonkin Cards by Anne Stokes

Mystical and magical dragon of the Heavens, Draco is seen in the night sky as a constellation, revol..


Mythical Companions - Dragon Goddess for Balance & Harmony by Anne Stokes

Babylonian Mother Goddess Tiamat took dragon form while giving birth to her invincible children. She..


Mythical Companions - Dragon Heart for Lasting Love by Anne Stokes

BONUS BUY!! FREE 6 Pack of Cards with purchase!  In a loving, heart-shaped embrace, the su..


Mythical Companions - Fafnir for Wealth & Magical Ability by Anne Stokes

Protector of vast wealth and riches, gems and gold, dragon Fafnir also held magical treasure within...


Mythical Companions - Griffin of Nemesis for Universal Justice by Anne Stokes

Nemesis, Goddess of Justice, delivered judgement from a chariot drawn by eight Griffins. Our Griffin..


Mythical Companions - Griffin's Gift for Good Fortune by Anne Stokes

In a magical place called the Land of Riches, a flying Griffin scattered gems like raindrops from a ..


Mythical Companions - Keeper of the Crystal for Healing & Divination by Anne Stokes

A precious healing crystal rests firmly in the grasp of the dragon, truly a treasure. The wearer may..


Mythical Companions - Lunar Unicorn for Making Good Decisions by Anne Stokes

The Roman Goddess Diana represents the crescent moon and rides nightly in a chariot drawn by eight u..


Mythical Companions - Pegasus Fortuna for Surmounting Obstacles by Anne Stokes

Immortal Pegasus, the fabled winged horse, devoted protector of the Muses, is pictured rearing and r..


Mythical Companions - Pegasus of the Stars for Quick Thought & Creativity by Anne Stokes

Fleet of foot and swift of wing, the celebrated mythic horse grants originality and imagination to t..


Mythical Companions - Poseidon's Steed to Attract Friendship by Anne Stokes

Mighty Poseidon, Greek God of Sea and Horses, rode mythic Hippocampus over the waves. Both message b..


Mythical Companions - Sun Phoenix for Optimism by Anne Stokes

Manifestation of Egyptian Sun God Ra, the Phoenix sang as it bathed in the oasis each morning. When ..


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