Pentagrams & Pentacles

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Protected Life Pentacle Amulet

This amulet is intended to help empower the protective barriers youve established around yourself. V..


Second Pentacle of Venus

This pentacle, drawing upon the magic of Venus, aids in obtaining grace and honor, or otherwise help..


Symbology Earrings - Crescent Moon & Star Dangle Sterling Silver

Crescent Moon & Star Hanging Dangle Earrings in .925 Sterling Silver. Approximate size: 1 3..


Symbology Earrings - Pentagram Petite Studs Sterling Silver

Pentagram Stud Earrings in.925 Sterling Silver. Approximate size: 1/4"..


Symbology Pendant - Sun, Moon & Stars for Hope Sterling Silver

Sun, Crescent Moon, and Stars Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately. Approxima..


Wicca Stability Amulet

Wear this amulet of a braided crescent moon and interwoven pentagram, to find strength and stability..


Wiccan Goddess Amulet

Skyclad woman holding torque of power with the symbols of moon and gender. Behind her is is a pentag..


Lunar Magic Enchanted Cam

Created by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Beautiful winged dragon casted cameo features purple..


Amphisibaena for Cosmic Protection

Two-headed Amphisbaena watches over the wearer – while one head sleeps, the other is always alert an..


Divine Pegasus for Inspiration

The immortal winged horse – flying equine of the Greek Muses – is symbol of inspired imagination. Im..


Griffin of Nemesis for Universal Justice

Nemesis, Goddess of Justice, delivered judgement from a chariot drawn by eight Griffins. Our Griffin..


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