Renaissance & Medieval Jewelry

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Black Rosifix Necklace New

Black Rosifix Necklace

The cross of deep devotion, passion and eternal mystery; a crimson crystal heart, enigmatically extr..


Carpe Noctum - Crux Dragana for Confidence and Strong Protection by Anne Stokes

Spreading wings towards Destiny, Faith has Strength and shows Might with Mercy. All is possible. Cru..


Carpe Noctum - Draca Rosa for Charisma & Courage by Anne Stokes

Beauty without Strength is Lost to the World, for the Weak do not Survive. Thorns and Scales protect..


Carpe Noctum - Duos Celtica for Winning in Life & Love by Anne Stokes

Celtic Dragons promise Success, while Faith bonded with Beauty cannot Fail. It was ever so. Duos Cel..


Cesare's Veto Earring New

Cesare's Veto Earring

Fresh from another expedient assassination, the 16th Cesare Borgia's Florentine solution to all poli..


ChaoCrucis Pendant New

ChaoCrucis Pendant

The cross of faith combined with the preeminent star of chaos, in high-gothic style, suggesting a st..


Cross of St. Michael, Hematite for Protection by Briar Gemstones

Hematite is the stone of immense strength. It is mounted on the Archangel Cross of St. Michael for p..


Dragon Head Athame Necklace

A hidden athame blade within a fierce dragon head. Wear it around your neck and keep the ferocity of..


Dragon's Lure Earwrap

A powerful symbol of primal forces let this dragon whisper the secrets of Nature’s power in your ear..


Drake's Leviathan for Luck & Fearlessness New

Drake's Leviathan for Luck & Fearlessness

Sir Francis Drake, vice admiral, sea captain and known pirate, sailed the seven seas for his queen, ..


Dungeons and Dragons Pendant

We proudly present an officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons piece of jewellery designed by Alch..


Geistalon Pendant New

Geistalon Pendant

Fear from the darkness - the thundering phantom of an armored cataphract unicorn, revered in the Scr..


King Alfred's Dragon for Nobility and Wisdom New

King Alfred's Dragon for Nobility and Wisdom

King Alfred defended the kingdoms of southern England against Viking invaders and ruled between 871 ..


Lion Heart for Leadership New

Lion Heart for Leadership

From a very young age, Richard I - King of England - was known as Coeur de Lion or The Lionheart for..


Renaissance Cross of Passion Pendant New

Renaissance Cross of Passion Pendant

Crystal hearts lie side by side in intimate unison, bound together by chains and blessed by the holy..


Sword of Sherwood for Bravery and Generosity New

Sword of Sherwood for Bravery and Generosity

Robin Hood, the legendary ‘robber of the rich’, lived with his band of men in Sherwood Forest. The S..


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