Alchemy of England 1977

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Blood Rose Heart Pendant by Alchemy of England

A dark romance secretly blossoms from the life blood of a once broken heart; with Swarovski crystals..


Cesare's Veto Earring

Fresh from another expedient assassination, the 16th Cesare Borgia's Florentine solution to all poli..


ChaoCrucis Pendant

The cross of faith combined with the preeminent star of chaos, in high-gothic style, suggesting a st..


Claddagh By Night Ring by Alchemy Gothic

Love, Friendship and Loyalty vouchsafed from the underworld, in the ancient Irish tradition. Ap..


Coercion Gearwheel Key Septagramic Pendant

Obviously, a secure launch key from a highly advanced travel-machine, with its mechanical and coded ..


Coffin Purse by Alchemy Gothic

Proving that you CAN take it with you! Your money can go with you to Hell and back in this miniature..


Cognition Earwrap by Alchemy Gothic

Gain knowledge and comprehension of your inner mental engineering. This 3D cast steampunk earwrap is..


Curse of Ezekiel Bracelet

Ezekiel, the Old Testament's prophet of horror, with his foretold horror of the rising of dead men's..


Darkling Heart Necklace

A pair of symmetrical and complementary dragon-wing pendants which, when held together, form a perfe..


Draconic Tryst Necklace

Consorts of darkness and partners in deviance collude and entwine with adamantine embrace, for an in..


Dungeons and Dragons Pendant

We proudly present an officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons piece of jewellery designed by Alch..


EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch

A truly stunning apparatus of rare mid-Victorian invention, measuring the decay of time using Carnot..


Empire Intrepid Valise Steampunk Bag by Alchemy

Free gift with purchase! Crystal hearts lie side by side in intimate unison, bound together by chain..


Etendu Mort De Coeur Choker -43%

Etendu Mort De Coeur Choker

Agonizingly expressing the forlorn torment of expired love, an aggrandized variant on the theme of t..

$82.99 $46.99

Fibonacci's Golden Spiral Pendant

For 5,000 years the Golden Mean has been a central tenet of technology, and decoded by Fibonacci in ..


Flocking Ravens Bracelet

A circlet of unkindness, (as a collection of ravens are known!), performs its calling, protects you ..


Garanels Tablet Pouch by Alchemy of England Empire

Gentleman officer's belt pouch, of 'vintage' cotton canvas and leather. This pouch comes with a deta..


Geistalon Pendant

Fear from the darkness - the thundering phantom of an armored cataphract unicorn, revered in the Scr..


Gladstone 10,000 Leagues World Traveller Steampunk Bag

Travel around the World with fortitude and distinction!  This classic Gladstone style hold-all,..


Gothic Beard Rings/Beads

Essential regalia for the well appointed mute and pagan mourner. These beard/hair beads come as a se..