Alchemy of England 1977

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Guirlande d'Amour Necklace

"I am your rose, But my love is dark, Forsake me not, Lest my thorns do harm". This stunning black r..


Heart of Cthulhu Pendant

This pendant has a large, faceted Swarovski crystal heart with a multi-colored effect, encapsulated ..


Heartfelt Watch by Alchemy of England Gothic

A sexy, punky twist on a wrist-watch for girls; four beautiful crystal hearts adorn this ravishingly..


Kraken Earrings by Alchemy of England

The deep monster's writhing tentacle emerges from your ear, tightly holding its exotically subterran..


Kraken Necklace

You strain to escape the feel of the monstrous, slippery tentacles writhing to take a stranglehold o..


Lady Talbot's Retrospector Hand Mirror New -52%

Lady Talbot's Retrospector Hand Mirror

Constance Talbot's revolutionaly spectronic fictional affinity glass allows the subject to glimpse a..

$62.99 $29.95

Love Bats Earrings

The purest gothic amour, expressed in the silent choreography of nighttime's darkest creatures. Bat ..


Love Returns Necklace

The swallow, symbol of a safe return and with it, the passion that seemed gone for ever. An articula..


Machine Head Earrings -51%

Machine Head Earrings

Gears of intellectual industry turn inexorably on either side of the center of cognition. A pair of ..

$90.00 $44.00

Marie Antoinette Guillotine Blade Earrings w/ Swarovski Crystal Blood Drop

Flaunting the regal finesse of a doomed age, miniature guillotine blades, bear the last traces of ar..


Miasmatic Reactor Core Cuff Links

Unusual cufflinks that are sure to start a conversation A pair of Empire, green glass and pewter cuf..


Mort Etoile Art Deco Skull Cross Dropper Earrings New -45%

Mort Etoile Art Deco Skull Cross Dropper Earrings

Stunning, stellar-cut Swarovski crystal studs, with dangling Art Deco sun rays studded with tiny sku..

$109.99 $59.99

Mort Etoile Bracelet (large) New -47%

Mort Etoile Bracelet (large)

A beautiful art deco gothic bracelet to accent your steampunk ensemble or goth styles...

$119.99 $63.99

Nevermore Compact Mirror

Gaze upon your mortal reflection under the scrutiny of Poe's mocking Raven. Approximate Dimensions: ..


New Romance Pendant

The new moon brings with it a promise of new love. A delicate pewter pendant of a new moon crossed w..


Nocte Amor Choker

Wings of the night guiding the wearer to a dark haven of unknown pleasures and illicit passion. A 3/..


Ouija Eye Bangle

Seeing into the past, the present and the future with the unsettling guidance of the spirit board. A..


Ouija Planchette Earrings by Alchemy of England

Technology from the 19th century séance; a spiritualist's device for communicating with the dead thr..


Pirate Princess Bracelet by Alchemy Gothic

A sexy and feisty flourish from the age of daring grandiloquence. Leather strap with adjustable fast..


Poe's Raven Locket Necklace

First edition book cover of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, overarched by its black namesake and inscri..