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Angel Wings Gemstone Pendants Set of 4

Set of 4 Angel wings in an assorted stone selection, clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz & opali..


Angelite (Celestite) untumbled stones 1 lb

Help see the best in everyone with the aid of Angelite, this natural untamable blue stone infused wi..


Angelite Platonic Solids 20mm

Representing the five basic elements of earth, air, fire, water, and the universe. Each shape with i..


Angelite Stone Egg 2"

Angelite egg for the gemstone egg collector. Angelite is a stone of heightened awareness, with speci..


Angelite tumbled stones 1 lb

This stone is formed from celestite that has been compressed for many millions of years. Angelite is..


Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards & Guidebook by Toni Carmine Salerno

Offering guidance and helping to clarify specific issues in your life, the Angels, Gods and Goddesse..


Animal Dreaming Oracle by Scott Alexander King

Developed with the corresponding energies of the four directions in mind, the uniquely Australian An..


Animal Messanger by Regula Meyer

We each feel connections to animals in our own way. Some of us have pets. Others admire animals in t..


Animal Totem Tarot & Book by Leeza Robertson

Animal Totem Tarot has been designed for those who love working with tarot and with power animals or..


Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews

Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews Now, for perhaps the first time ever, myth and fact are combined in a ma..


Ankh Bronze Pendant

A beautiful representation of the most iconic of all Egyptian symbols, simply stunning in its simpli..


Ankh in Sterling Silver 1/2" x 5/8"

Delicately crafted, this pendant shows the Ankh; the Egyptian symbol of everlasting life. No cord. ..


Ankh Sterling Silver Pendant 1 1/4"

The Egyptian symbol of everlasting life. This pendant is finely sculpted into the shape of an Ankh, ..


Ankh With Hieroglyphics Pendant

Sculpted of lead-free pewter, this pendant has been sculpted into the form of an Egyptian ankh, cove..


Antiqued Triple Moon Altar Table 6"

This small antiqued altar table features the symbol of the Triple Moon in representation of the Maid..


Apatite Tumbled Stones 1 lb

Apatite is a powerful aid in developing psychic abilities and strength as well as helping to open an..


Apatite Untumbled Stones 1 lb

A healing stone this rough Apatite is raw and naturally untumbled. Aids in self-expression and commu..


Aqua 2" Crystal Ball 50mm

A classic tool for divination, this crystal ball includes a rainbow, or aurora of colors coalescing ..


Aqua Blue 3" Crystal Ball 80mm

Long used in divination magic this petite crystal ball possesses a light blue tint to it, perhaps be..


Aquamarine & Lava Aromatherapy Bracelet 8mm New

Aquamarine & Lava Aromatherapy Bracelet 8mm

Wear this beaded aquamarine, lava bracelet for in style, for fragrance, or aroma therapy, Place one ..