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Labradorite & Rainbow Moonstone 8mm Bracelet w/ Om

Labadorite and rainbow moonstone beads spaced by clear faceted pieces on a stretch elastic as well a..


Lakshmi Resin Incense 1.2oz

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. She grants both worldl..


Lapis & Rutilated Quartz 8mm Bracelet w/ Ganesha

This lapis and rutilated quarts is highlighted with amber color faceted pieces and accented with pew..


Little Bit of Mindfulness (hc) by Amy Leigh Mercree New

Little Bit of Mindfulness (hc) by Amy Leigh Mercree

Mindfulness can help you be present and peaceful in the moment. Using this journal, you can access a..


Lotus 3" Incense Burner Antique Bronze

Antique Bronze Lotus Incense burner, can be used with cones or granular incense. A mini lovely porta..


Lotus Chakra Altar Cloth 36" x 36"

Multi colors and black symbols of chakras, om, and lotus, make this altar cloth a helpful centering ..


Lotus Chakra Collection New -28%

Lotus Chakra Collection

Collection includes Lotus Chakra Tapestry (reg.29.95), Lotus Chakra Shopping Tote (reg 9.95), 7 Chak..

$82.75 $59.95

Lotus Chakra Meditation Set -25%

Lotus Chakra Meditation Set

Antique Bronze Lotus Incense burner, can be used with cones or granular incense. A mini lovely porta..

$73.80 $55.35

Manipura Chakra Incense Stick 10 Pack

Lavender and sandalwood are blended together in this hand-rolled incense that has been carefully for..


Manipura Chakra Resin Incense 1.2oz

In this mixture, a pure lavender essential oil is blended with all-natural resins, aromatic herbs, a..


Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding

A comprehensive exploration of over 140 different meditations from a variety of ancient and modern t..


Meditation for Beginners by Stephanie Clement

Some people think meditation is something that takes years to learn. The truth is, it's a very natur..


Moonstone Tassel Bracelet

Wear this beauty when it is inner growth and strength that is your goal. Moonstone is also said to b..


Muladhara Chakra Incense Stick 10 Pack

This is a rich blend of sandalwood, patchouli, khus grass and clove spice. Formulated according to a..


Muladhara Chakra Resin Incense 1.2oz

This is a mixture of unadulterated, rich sandalwood oil and powder, blended with natural resins, her..


Mystic Gold Smudge Sticks 4" 3pk

Each mystic gold smudge stick three pack contains three smudge sticks blending the scent of sage and..


Native Heart Healing Oracle & Guidebook by Melanie Ware

The Native Heart Healing Oracle is a mandala-based ascension tool for spiritual healing. Each of the..


Om Curtain Pair Turquoise 22" x 72"

Celebrate the universal divine with these gauzy blue-green curtains that have been accented with a p..


Om Lotus Tapestry 58" x 82" tans, browns and blacks

Tapestry of Om and Lotus. Celebrate the symbols of a wonderous path. It is designed in tans, browns ..


Om Pocket Stone

This pocket stone inscribed with the Om symbol is a potent aid, helping you to find a connection wit..