Getting Started with Tarot

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Last time we talked about different forms of divination, and tarot cards are more popular and usually easier to acquire than some other divination tools, so that’s where we’ll start. 


There are several other divination methods that also use cards, but we’re only going to look at the one type of card today.


You'll find dozens of tarot decks to choose from, and ultimately, you’ll choose one that feels good to you. Sometimes you get a set as a gift, and sometimes you choose it yourself, but for most people, a certain set will eventually feel better than the others. Which deck this is may change as you go through changes in your life.


Tarot started as a card game in the early 1400s and has developed into a wonderful way for us to look at our lives, see the path we’re on, and change it if we need to. The tarot shows us our inner truths and ways we can change course to get the outcome we seek. We can also help others look at these things if we choose.


Tarot decks consist of 78 cards, broken down into the Major and Minor Arcana. The cards of the Minor Arcana represent events in your daily life, and the cards of the Major Arcana represents your connection to the Jungian archetypes and the collective unconscious.  Some call that connection by any number of other names, but it’s that connection to all that help us use the tarot cards for divination. It’s important to remember, however, that no prediction is certain. We create our own reality, and the cards can help us do this.


If you want strictly a basic tarot set to start with, the Rider-Waite deck is undoubtedly a good first deck. I use the Motherpeace deck most often, and there are many choices when you choose your deck. Choose one that draws you for some reason. Once you become familiar with the cards, you may decide you want another deck, and you’ll undoubtedly use more than one deck over the course of your life. Sometimes you may have several decks and use each one for a different type of reading.


Using the tarot cards


Once you choose your deck, start with the major arcana, and just begin to familiarize yourself with the cards.


When I first work with a new set, I usually spread them out something like the image to the right, and just meditate on them for a few minutes. These happen to be spread out in order but spread them the way that feels right to you. Then, I start with the first one that calls to me, meditate on its meaning.  If it's your first set, you'll most likely find a booklet of some type with the deck, and if not, you can look up general meanings on the internet. See how that might relate to where you are in your life currently. Work your way through the Major Arcana, becoming familiar with the meanings of the cards.


Once you feel more comfortable with the Major Arcana, start working with the minor arcana. The more comfortable you become with the cards, the more comfortable you'll feel using them for divination as well as for spells, as you begin to use them to help create what you want for yourself.

The deck you choose will likely have one or more spreads in the guide, but please don’t limit yourselves to that.  There are many spreads for every occasion, so explore and find the ones you like best. Here are a couple of basic spreads and their card position meanings to get you started. The more you use your cards, the better tool they will become. Each card shows the questioner the elements that create and revolve around the current situation. Your response to the elements will determine the ultimate outcome. Always remember, we create our own reality. Tarot cards are another tool to help us do so.









Regardless of how you use your cards, I hope you enjoy them. Tarot cards can show us our inner thoughts and blockages. Only then can we begin to overcome them and achieve our goals. The cards can also let you help others discover their surrounding influences obstacles as well. If you're reading for someone else, please make sure you carefully express what the cards are showing you in order not to alarm or upset people.  I have one friend who was seriously disconcerted when I asked during a reading if she was expecting. She denied it, only to find out shortly thereafter that, yes, she was pregnant, again. We laugh about it now, but she doesn't let me read for her anymore. :) Until next time,



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