Hare and Rabbit Totem

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We’ve talked before about how animal totems represent our connection to the energy of the universe and can show us skills and talents or reflect our own qualities back to us. For more on this and on finding your animal totem, please see Seeking Your Animal Totem.

We listed several animal totems last time, but today, we’ll focus on just two, the Hare and the Rabbit. In most cases, I’ve found these are treated as the same, but there are those that break them out. From a symbolic standpoint, I will treat them as one with notes about things that pertain only to one.


Rabbits and Hares:

Both rabbits and hares are in the family group Leporidae, so although they are in the same family, they belong to different species.

Both hares and rabbits are associated with spring, change, and fertility, and both indicate the movement of that change will be in the manner of hares and rabbits -- notice the zig and zag pattern hares and rabbits use. Both hares and rabbits can also symbolize rebirth, resourcefulness, and the need to watch out.

If a hare or rabbit shows up in your world, you’ll want to be extra vigilant. Remember that hares and rabbits are prey animals, so pay particular attention to what is going on around you.



The hare totem can also symbolize resourcefulness, vigilance, experienced wisdom, good luck, mischievousness, trickster, falsehood. The hare is also quite adept at camouflage and on the negative side can be greedy and selfish.  Hare is often linked with fraud and deceit.



  • The gestation period of a hare is 41-42 days.
  • Hare babies are born with fur and their eyes open
  • Hares are larger and faster than rabbits and have longer back legs and ears
  • Live above ground.



Those with rabbit totem are known for being quick-witted and creative problem solvers, mildness, fleet- footedness, gregariousness, being a good listener; they also represent watchfulness. Rabbits are also known for cleverness and keen senses



  • The gestation period of a hare is 28-31 days.
  • Rabbit babies are furless and blind
  • Smaller
  • Often live in tunnels underground




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