How to Use Tarot Cards in Spell Casting

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Since we’ve been talking about Tarot this week, I wanted to share a tarot spell or two that you can use to get you started with using the tarot cards in spell work, and some tips about creating your own tarot spells.


First, decide your intention, of course. Then you will choose a card from the deck to represent your intention. Most of the time, you’ll use Major Arcana cards for this, especially for spells for personal growth and intuition, but that doesn’t mean that at times, a Minor Arcana card might not suit your needs better.


For a simple spell, you will choose only one card. For more complicated spells, you might use three or even seven cards.  I’ll show you a simple tarot spell to get you started.


For this spell, you will set up your altar and create your sacred space as usual. I use stones and candles that correspond to the intention as well. Choose a card to signify your intention.


From here, you’re looking for what you need to create in your life to achieve your intention. Draw from three to seven cards that represent what needs to happen to achieve your goal. It’s usually best to keep the number a bit lower to avoid confusing your creation. You will use the cards to create the energy you need to create the reality you want.


What I use:

Candle – I usually set this on a platter of some sort since I will release my intention to the universe by writing it on a piece of paper and burning it.

Stones – I select stones that correspond with my intentions

Tarot Deck

Paper and pen

Cast your circle or create your sacred space as normal. I use a chair since I meditate and am beyond the age of floor sitting. It’s also helpful if it’s somewhere you can leave your cards out, so you can look at them every day.

Layout your cards. I usually use a layout like this:

The outcome is the top card. In this case, The Wheel of Fortune represents success in all endeavors,

The cards on the second row are

  1. Obstacles you feel you need to overcome (In this spell, the magician reversed indicates blockage of connection to the universe)
  2. What needs to happen for you to remove the obstacles (The Empress indicates that the petitioner needs to accept their inner goddess and power)
  3. The spiritual connection to help you bring outcome into being. (The Chariot indicates taking control of one’s own life and creations)


Once you select the cards and lay them out, light your candles, if you’re using them, and place your stones on your altar with your cards.

I usually say something like:

I open to the universal power

To guide creation hour by hour

To fill these needs and create success

Bless this work and bring and bless


Now you will meditate/pray/visualize the steps and the outcome.

Once you are done, leave your cards on your altar if you have one where you can. That way you can spend a few minutes each day visualizing using the cards to continue to energize your intentions.














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