Wolf Totem

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We’ve talked before about finding your spirit animal, and what they represent in your life. Notice how they appear in your life and where you see them.  The places and aspects you see of your animal totem all bring you messages from the collective unconscious, gods, spirits, and often the elements.  The real key is your connectedness to the earth and universe. Spirit animal interpretation ultimately lies with the person who has the visit, but looking at all the aspects of your life can help you interpret their meanings.

This time, we’ll talk a bit about wolves and the wolf totem. Many people love the wolf, whether it’s their totem or not, but many also seek the wolf totem for its many admirable traits such as intelligence and success. This may work for some, but in general, it’s best to let your totem find you whether during meditation, seeing multiples of an animal, or through dreams.

Wolves have a long history as totems, and many people feel an affinity for these powerful animals with their keen intelligence and instincts. They also represent and inspire perseverance, success, bravery, loyalty. Many religions incorporate wolf meanings in their belief systems and legends. Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome were abandoned and adopted and raised by a she-wolf. This is one example of the positive female power of the reflected in the Jungian archetypes, ‘anima,’ and ‘animus’ and the Great Mother. In Egypt, the wolf symbolizes Mars, the God of War. Norse mythology places the wolf as both Odin’s companions and the cause of his death after betraying the wolf Fenrir.  Folklore and Legend

They’re highly social animals with the pack the most important group. Packs are usually family groups with an alpha pair who mate and their pups, and sometimes a wolf adopted from another pack make up the pack.  There’s only one mating per year, but wolves mate for life, and only the initial pair breed. When there is an abundance of food, there may be more than one liter per pack, but this is not the norm. Once the pups become sexually mature, between two and three years, they break off from the pack, find their own mates and create a pack, or join another pack. For more on wolves, their habits, and habitats, click here.


Because wolves are carnivores, they are often portrayed as a threat to man. However, they are what is called coursing carnivores which means they will chase their prey long distances, so the threat to humans is generally not as great as it would be if they were ambush carnivores like cougars. However, that doesn’t mean there are no negative traits associated with wolves. They also represent chaos, Gluttony, and have been associated with Mars, the God of War.

The wolf is a powerful totem, and one that can bring you great success and spiritual guidance, but always remember the wolf’s independent spirit and beware trying to bind him or her to you.


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