Waning Moon Spell for Banishing Negative Energy

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What can you do with the waning moon? Most of the time, we focus spells on the waxing moon, and for good reason. They help us draw positive things. But what about the waning moon? What’s it good for?  We can use the waning moon to prepare ourselves to get the most out of our waxing moon spells by helping us get rid of our barriers to achieving those goals.


Most of us have blocks of some sort. If we didn’t, we’d all be rich, and have all our wishes fulfilled, right? The waning moon is the time to work on ridding ourselves of those barriers to achieving that keep us from getting what we hope for in our lives. We can also use the waning moon to banish negative energies, and circumstances.



You will need:


1 White Candle (cleansing, peace, balance, spirituality, protection)
1 Black Candle (safety, reversing, uncrossing, un-hexing, repelling black magick, banishing negativity, releasing)
1 Purple Candle (drive away evil, change luck, break habits)
Sage (oil or smudge – for cleansing negative energies)
Jasmine Oil (for cleansing negative energies, )


I look to the moon this night
And see its dim and waneing light
While darkness now again does reign
Soon full light will come again.


When this darkness at last goes
Let it take all bad and let light grow
Bind and banish malicious fate
Bring the blessings we now await


I keep that trust within my heart
And light to my soul it does impart
When the time of clouds has passed
The full power of the moon will reign at last.


Meditate on letting go of your obstacles, banishing negative energies, reversing hexes you feel may be directed at you, or on whatever you have determined you want removed from your life.  Picture it moving out of your life and that negativity being replace by light and positive energy.


Close your ritual as normal.

Our beautiful moon photo courtesy of Aeslin.


2 Comment(s)

Olowofela oluwasayo:
19/05/2019, 03:56:50 PM

I need help, no money.

April DiCosola:
24/07/2019, 02:57:04 AM

Namaste ~ I'm mostly responding to Olowofela. What grabbed my attention was that you merely said help, I need money. As they've started above we all need something, I believe that not only can we get off balanced for no reason we can think of.I was forced to go to Catholic school K-8, I never felt like I fit in, I heard a lot of conflicting "rules" & hypocrisy. I than met some Pagan people & I felt comfortable within that realm. I also studied psychology, theology & a little sociology.I find in almost every religion/beliefs when you need something & your not obtaining it there are a few things that are keeping you from achieving it.I would first do the helpful spell, chant, prayer, (whatever your comfortable calling it), above. Once you've done this, (you could do it up to the New Moon if you want).Once you hopefully got rid of the negative energy, during the Waxing Moon, instead of asking for money try asking for the opportunity, the path &\or a way to make/draw money to you. I'm sure we all wish things were like the movies/shows however we know better, your not going to suddenly wi the lottery... I'm just saying in my opinion I've found that positive energy comes to those who ask how can I-what can I do to get what you need it will work out better.I wish you the best & many blessings to you~April

06/09/2019, 09:26:29 PM

Thank you, April. My apologies for the delay. Thank you for answering the question. I agree completely with what you said.

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