How to Identify and Consecrate Your Talisman

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The 4th of July is this week, so everyone is posting flags and patriotic pictures.  This time of year, many people contemplate independence and what that means to us on an individual level. Not everyone has the freedom to openly practice their religion, even here in the US, but we have made progress, and many more religions can practice openly today than ever before. That doesn’t mean, however, that the members of that religion can all state their preferences when a discussion on belief systems comes up.


I was a solitary practitioner, except for the occasional attendance at ritual, until I met my fiancé, and we still follow that practice; however, while this works for us, it’s not for everyone.  This is where the struggle for independence comes in, especially if you’ve had to hide who you are for a while, or a lifetime.  We all like to be part of a community, and that makes us subject to subtle forms of peer pressure.  In most cases, this comes from those outside your coven or your path, and even when people have no intention of pressuring anyone into following their belief system, sometimes it happens despite intentions.


What’s most important is that your path is your chosen path. Whether you choose to follow Wicca, Asatru, Gardnerian, Alexandrian, kitchen witch, hedge witch, or an eclectic combination of several paths, what’s important about it is that you chose it for yourself.


By the same token, it’s easy to let other people influence us and what we believe, so while we always want to take the best we can from other philosophies and beliefs, we have to remember to hold tight to what feels right for us individually.  We each have unique gifts that we can share with others, and just because you’re new to the path or feel insecure, don’t let yourself lose track of your own gifts. 


Your personal gifts might be anything from healing to divination or spellcraft, to art or teaching, or any number of other gifts. Regardless of the path you follow, it is imperative that you not let someone else influence how you use those gifts too strongly because they feel their path is better.  No one path is more right than another so long as you remain positive in your focus.  This makes it possible to be independent, and part of a whole.


If you feel uncomfortable with groups of people you don’t know, and especially if you’re an empath and need extra shielding, one thing that helps me feel more confident is wearing a talisman of some sort. I always wear a rose quartz heart and a triquetra pendant. They help me maintain my own energy among the chaos that comes with dealing with people in general, whether they follow my path or not. This makes it possible for me to be independent, and part of a whole at the same time.


You can use anything you want for a talisman. Most people tend to use either a stone, a piece of jewelry, or an item that their spiritual energy resonates with, and is easy to carry for a talisman. Each person resonates with different stones on a personal level. Some of these are lifelong resonances, and some will resonate only while the person needs it and will help them achieve their goals.  Look for that special stone or amulet that speaks to you and can become a representation of who you are and your connection to who you want to be. Make sure you consecrate your item and carry it with you. Once you’ve found and consecrated your talisman and grounded yourself, you can feel more confident about sharing your energy with others.


To Consecrate your talisman, you will first need to cleanse it. I like to do this by setting it out under a full moon, bathing it lightly in salt water and letting the moon bathe and cleanse it.


Once your talisman is cleansed, you will want to consecrate it for your use.  As usual, you can make this as complicated or as simple as you like. I usually set up a simple altar with representations for the elements. A general line up would be


The type of incense, etc. that you choose will be based on your purpose.  You may also choose separate talismans for separate purposes, but for my daily jewelry, I generally use a green candle for balance, harmony, and success, and a white one to represent purity of intention. It reminds me to focus on the positive. I use two bowls on the altar. One for earth and one for water.


Whether I use incense or sage depends again on my purpose. For general consecration, I usually go with either sage or a lavender incense.


Once the altar is set up with representations for all the elements, raise energy in your preferred method. I recommend either a formal or informal invocation to the quarters since it is those elements you will use to consecrate your talisman.


Light your candles and your incense or sage


Begin by placing the cleansed talisman in the bowl for earth


I call upon the element of earth to bless the consecration of this talisman.


Remove the talisman from the earth and dip it in the water.


I call upon the element of water to bless the consecration of this talisman.


Pass the talisman through the smoke from the incense.


I call upon the element of earth to bless the consecration of this talisman.


Pass the talisman above the candle flame close enough to feel the heat.


I call upon the element of earth to bless the consecration of this talisman.


Focus on your intention while you perform these actions.


This is just personal preference, but I usually anoint them with some Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and Lavender blend of essential oils to seal the blessing and carry it forward.


Then close your circle.




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