A Spell for Peace

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With all the shootings and assaults and general craziness going on in the world, I think it’s time to work on our connectedness with the universe, so tomorrow night at midnight, I will cast a joining with the universe to ask for peace. I invite you to join me because as always, the more energy the better.


I am hoping the wind will calm down enough to do this outside, but it’s equally effective inside or out, so it’s your choice. It’s a simple set up, and all you really need are candles, but while we will do this as a group, it’s your spell, so you may want to add herbs, oils, or other symbols or tools to your spell. The object is simply to send a wave of peace.


I use a chair or some cushions for this because much of this spell involves staying in tune with the universal connection while focusing on other things as well, so I prefer to be seated. I put the chair in the center of my work area.  Pretty much the only suggestions I have for seating is that it be comfortable enough for you to relax in, but not necessarily comfortable enough to put you to sleep.


You will need:

1 Green Candle (olive green is best, but any green will do) - earth

1 Light Blue Candle - air

1 Violet Candle - fire

1 Yellow Candle - air

(You can substitute white for any color you don’t have)

Oils or herbs may be incorporated to make your spell more personal for you.  ex: gardenia, and lavender for peace.


Place the candles around you. I usually set them up in the quarters, but I have known others who add a white candle and make a circle. As you light the candles, repeat the following:


Elements all come join us here

Peace we seek, and for none to fear

Peace we send both far and near

To stop the hate and stop the tears.


After you light your candles, settle yourself in your chair or on your cushions. 


My way of connecting to the universe is to first ground and center. Then start by focusing inward until you become aware of the universe, my personal being, and the separation at the outside of my body, like a line around me. Now, erase the line. Since I like to draw, I tend to visualize an eraser. Visualize whatever works best for you. How easy this is may well depend on how peaceful you were to start.


When you can’t tell where you stop and “elsewhere” starts, begin integrating that energy into your own chi. I usually visualize the energy as a white light swirling around and through me, filling me and joining with the universal.


Once you have reached this point, open yourself to the love of the universe. As you do this, you will find that the love in you rises up to meet the universal being.  Come back to yourself when you're ready.

4 Comment(s)

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