A Spell for Love and Peace

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We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, and the holidays are stressful times for a number of reasons, many of them involving family. Whether you have a good relationship with your family, a poor relationship with your family or no family at all, holidays can be trying. This week's spell will help with that.

What I like to do if I am hosting is prepare the house for the influx of energies by first, if possible, airing the house to let the stale energy out and bring in the fresh. I live in Texas, so it’s not uncommon to have all the doors and windows open in November and December, but then it can also snow the next day, so you never know. Then I smudge. I have a good relationship with my family, and, of course, with the friends who come, but I want the house to feel good, so sometimes I cast a peace and love spell.

This spell uses many of the same concepts behind the balance and harmony spell I told you about a few weeks back, but this one focuses more on love and peace since we generally spend holidays with those we care about in one way or the other. The better your space feels, the better those in it feel. If you’re not hosting, and you’re going to someone else’s home, you can use this spell to charge a stone or piece of jewelry to wear or carry.

You will need:

1 White Candle

1 Blue Candle (choose the shade according to your goals)

Jasmine Oil or herb

Spearmint Oil or herb

Stone or piece of jewelry


You can include a stone or piece of jewelry in the spell and wear/carry it throughout the day as well as cleansing and brightening the energy in your home to bring peace and love.

Once you have aired and smudged, blend your oils or herbs in your bowl/cauldron. If you’re using oils, anoint your candles and your stone or jewelry with the oil. Set your talisman aside.

Light your white candle while saying

Peace and love enter here

Welcome all and have no fear

Light your blue candle while saying

Element of Water flow pure and free

Peaceful energies by my decree

As my will, so mote it be

Walk through your house with your candles. In each room walk through the room with your candles and repeat the above. When you have finished, place your candles on your altar. Hold your talisman over the candles and repeat the spell again. I try to hold it high enough simply to let the energies raised in the candle and throughout the house flow up to and infuse the talisman. It doesn’t have to be terribly close to the candles. You will then close your spell as you normally do. Keep your talisman with you when you need peace.



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