A Spell for Removing Obstacles

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No matter what we do in life, we will have obstacles. Sometimes, we can identify and eliminate these obstacles through mundane actions such as removing ourselves from a negative situation or increasing our skill in the area we lack. Those things are easy to fix. Some of the obstacles, however, are not so easy to get rid of. Often, we don’t even realize the obstacles, some of which we may well have created ourselves, and some that come from elsewhere. Regardless of where the obstacles come from, ito achieve our goals, we want to remove them. 


For these, we can turn to Ascended Master Ganesha, the Hindu Remover of Obstacles. Ganesha is also associated with the root chakra, that chakra connected to our sense of self, and our well-being. As a Hindu representation of God, the figure of Ganesha represents not only a state of perfection but also the means of obtaining it. He is the Lord of Good Fortune and the Destroyer of Obstacles. Therefore, in this spell, we will invoke his help and honor Ganesha.

You will need:

1 Black candle

1 White candle

1 Cauldron

Paper & Pen

A figure of Ganesha or an elephant


Choose two herbs:

These are all herbs associated with Ganesha and removing obstacles.






Dragon’s Blood, Eucalyptus

High John the Conqueror






Raise power in your sacred space as you choose. Write your wishes on a piece of paper. Light your candles and say the following:


Lord Ganesha pray join us here

We wish to see the path is clear

We ask your help on this day

To find out how to clear the way


Blend your herbs together in your brazier or cauldron. Place your paper with your wishes on it in your brazier or cauldron.

Light them and say:


To our honored guest, we bring

Wishes our hearts seek to give wing

Join with us to create success

All desires Good Fortune express

Meditate while you visualize freeing yourself from your past and everything that blocks you. Release all the strands of negativity that have bound those obstacles to you. When you are done, close your circle.

2 Comment(s)

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