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Posted by Bellisana 19/05/2018 5 Comment(s) Spells & Recipes,

The moon is waxing, so it’s time for new beginnings and growth. This week we’ve got a spell for personal power. Whether it’s magical power, more internal personal power, or both, this spell can help. Many, myself included, believe that personal power and magical power go together to form our personal power, so I usually include both in my thought processes and my preparation.


This spell takes a bit of time, but if carefully and completely done, will help you add to your personal store of power.  

You will need:

The Magician represents any who make the connection between Gaia and the universe. The Magician suggests trusting your imagination and letting yourself manifest your new reality through visualization. Let your soul guide you. In this spell, I use the Magician card to help me focus on bringing out my personal power and drawing power to me. The connection of the two is your goal. Fill yourself with that energy.

  • Prepare for casting in whatever way you normally would; cast your circle, and set up your altar as follows:
  • place the Magician Card where you can see it easily.
  • Anoint your candles with the Jasmine oil.
  • Place your candles in the four quarters of your altar according to color.
    • Red – Fire
    • Yellow – Air
    • Green – Earth
    • Black - Water
  • Place the violet/purple candle in the center, next to your cauldron.

Since Tuesday is the day associated with Red, and Wednesday is the day associated with Yellow, midnight on a Tuesday/Wednesday would be a perfect time to cast this spell if you want to focus your energy on the power building qualities of the red and the yellow, or Friday/Saturday, if you want to strengthen the protection qualities of the green and black. Red and yellow are powerful attractants for energies, so if you’re new to spell casting, you may want to focus more on the protection aspects. The new energy will come anyway, it may just be gentler. Inexperienced spell casters can get overwhelmed with the energy.

Once you finish your altar set up, light your candles, and call the quarters in your preferred manner.

Always keep your Magician card in view while performing the rest of the ritual. When you finish, blend, and crush your Rosemary and Rose herbs in your cauldron. Light your purple candle, while saying:


I call on the power of spirit,

Flame of creative fire

Grant me wisdom without limit

Fill my chi with power inspired


Repeat this as you use the purple candle to light the herbs.


As the herbs burn, repeat this one more time, and close with,


As I will, so mote it be!


Meditate, visualizing yourself as strong and confident, secure in your own power. Use the Magician card if you wish, but as will all aspects, you must make it your own for the best results. Feel the power fill you as the powers of Gaia and Universe join within you. Maintain your visualization for as long as possible. Float in the feeling of the merge.


Release the quarters, and close your circle. 

5 Comment(s)

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04/02/2020, 03:04:30 AM

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