Unicorn Moms

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“The Unicorn Mom definition: A mother who's not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humor and couldn't care less what you think.” Urban Dictionary


With all the craziness in the world today, I’m thinking there will be a lot of converts to this philosophy. I also think it’s a perfect term for these women. Of all the definitions of Unicorn, I like the rare and precious find aspect of the term. Unicorn’s are associated with the moon, so that makes them associated with the feminine and intuitive.


Unicorns, however, are one of those creatures who are associated with both male and female energies, and that may be one of the reasons it’s also associated with marriage.


All moms are having to use a lot of that intuitive nature with all the kids at home, and all the home-schooling requirements. The attitude of the Unicorn Mom can help us all get through this time of quarantine and rebuilding.


We need to do what’s best for our family, and if that means staying at home, so be it. Most people now are self-isolating, and that calls on moms, all moms, to find a way to keep your children from driving you or themselves mad. This is where the alcohol comes in. LOL.  Not really, although, it can help. I think you can be a unicorn mom without drinking, but you can’t judge those who do and be a unicorn mom.


For those running out of ideas, I found this article of 125 ideas of things to keep your kids occupied.  We can also take this time to teach our kids about our belief systems, and about animal totems such as the Unicorn. This totem fits those Unicorn moms.




The unicorn is the most magical and mythical of totems, valued for its rarity and purity, Unicorn represents stretching our imaginations, seeking further than we’ve gone before. Unicorns symbolize creativity, mysticism, purity, health, and wisdom. Where there are unicorns, many believe, there you will find hope and joy.


If Unicorn comes to you as your totem, or just in passing, it’s considered good luck. Having Unicorn as your spiritual guide can help you claim your psychic abilities and help you use them wisely if you will but listen.


Beautiful and independent, the Unicorn is proud of who he or she is and bows to no one.


Unicorn’s symbolic meanings:








Feminine Energy

Masculine Energy


Good Luck







So for all the moms, Unicorn or not, out there working their way through this COVID crisis, YOU GUYS ROCK!! Embrace that special core that makes you a unicorn, or not, and if we work together, we can come out better on the other side of this mess.