A Spell to Welcome Blessings

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As we begin the journey toward spring and the rebirth of the earth, many people start building toward new goals or continue working toward those in progress. No matter the stage you’re in, blessings are always welcome.

We also want to let the spirit self and our connection to the universe know that we’re ready for these blessings and by welcoming them into our lives.

One way we can do this with a welcoming ritual. I find it helps me open myself to the blessings to come.

I use a few pine branch pieces to make a base for my offering bowl. Natural is preferable, but this time of year, that’s not always possible, so do what you can. As always, decorate your altar with things that are special to you or your deity.

For a winter alter, natural elements such as pine needles, pine cones, pine bark, Yule colors (white, red, green, silver, gold), mistletoe, or poinsettia can work for you. However, remember, that both mistletoe and poinsettias are poisonous to dogs.

For a spring altar if you decide to wait until a little later in the year, or just welcome the coming of spring blessings, any type of flower you can find blooming will work. Colors that coordinate with the blessings you seek

The stones that represent spring are aquamarine rose quartz and moonstone. I choose my stones based on their meanings, and, you will choose based on your personal goals and preferences.

My focus is on welcoming the coming year and welcoming success for the store. Pagan Realms is our dream, and we’re nurturing it along while we work other jobs, so naturally, the stones I use will represent business success as well as spirituality, the continuance of a loving home, balance, and creativity. 

You will need: 

Two white candles (the purity of the white candle represents blessings for me, and they will represent the god/goddess/universe in the ritual)

Offering bowl/cauldron

Oils – I use a blend of the oils below that I make beforehand. These can be adjusted for your own goals, of course. I prefer to sprinkle the oil blend during the spell rather than pouring it, and if you would like to do that, it may affect how or where you blend your oils, so it’s something you will want to decide beforehand

Frankincense – to bring blessings

Cinnamon -- fast luck

Vanilla – a happy home, and good fortune

Peony – Business success


Amethyst -- focus, psychic/spiritual – awakening the third eye

Tiger eye -- balancing stone-- offers both luck and protection.’

Malachite –aids creativity, enhances intuition,

Lapis – brings success to one who wears it. Especially good for artists, musicians, dancers, writers, and actors.

For this spell, I use a bowl with an altar tile in it. On top of that, I put my stones. I seldom use simple stones. Mine are almost always in the form of jewelry. Use what works best for you.

Once you have prepared your oil blend, cast your circle.

As you light your candles say:

Lord and Lady pray join us here

As we welcome blessings that flow all year

Unlimited abundance, enough for all

Fill our hearts as the blessings fall

Anoint your stones with your oil and say:

Find welcome here, come in our door

Success and luck increase ever more

Star and stone, bring blessings here

With grateful hearts, we greet the year

Meditate on the energy you have raised, and open yourself to the universe and welcome the blessings in.

When you are done, release the energy and close your circle.