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Finally, it’s officially spring, and Beltane is fast approaching. As I finish my vision board, I thought I would share what helps me when I’m doing my vision board, and hopefully, my tips will help you as well. As you know, for me, this is part of the whole spring cleaning, rebirth ritual to renew my mind and my office space, so I want all the energy in it to be positive. We’ve discussed setting up and making sure your Vision board is where you can easily see it every day.

I view this recreating my space process as my own spring ritual, and while we will probably attend the local Beltane ritual, this is how I connect the creative energy of my workspace with the energy of the universe and the spirit of fertility and rebirth of Beltane, and we’ll have a small celebration ritual at home on Beltane Eve.

Since this happens in steps which I may or may not complete on the same day, I find it helpful to meditate for a few minutes each time before I start working on it. It helps me relax and prepare myself to answer the following questions:

  • What’s most important to me?
  • What do I want to create for the coming year(s)?
    • It’s important here to work toward your goals and at the same time let go of worrying about the how. The how is not your problem. Your only job at this point is to keep working toward your goal. Let the universe help you create your desires.
  • What images represent these things to me?
  • When I have gathered the images, I ground and center

You can tell from the picture what I’m focusing on this year, but to get to this point, I had to meditate on what is most important to me, and how I plan to focus my actions for the year. Once I determine what’s most important, I go for the gold. Dream big! Just because your dream is big, doesn’t mean you can’t bring it to fruition. Visual impressions remain in your subconscious long after they’ve left your conscious mind. Keeping that image in there helps us create the reality we want.



I created this one on the computer using OneNote to make it easier to see. The one on my wall is a bit messier because I like using different angles for perspective. Yours will reflect your tastes and goals, whether you create it on your computer, or on a wall. The important thing at this point is to make sure it’s where you see it every day, and then let it be, so it can remind your subconscious mind where you’re headed. Then just keep working toward your goals.

Once you’re done, move forward into spring. Beltane is all about rebirth and growth. Use this time between to think about your Beltane ritual. We’ll talk more about summer rituals at a later date, but one of the things we do at my house to prepare for the season is to get the garden ready to go. We’ve already started doing that, of course, but as we come to the beginning of summer, we like to make sure those things that will grow over the summer are ready and that everything is squared away for growing season.


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