7 Witching Herbs Protection Pack

7 Witching Herbs Protection Pack


Hyssop, Mugwort, Vervain, Yarrow, Wormwood, Sage Leaf and Mandrake. A set of 7 of the 13  Witching herbs specifically for protection spells from 1618 Gold. Great price for this sampler, spell starter kit, or gift set.

A value of 21.65 for 16.24!

Hyssop  is said to help in spells seeking the protection of God, Hyssop is used in rituals of protection and purification as well as rituals of healing.

Mandrake aids in exorcism, spells involving spirits and increasing magical potency. This is American Mandrake - Mayapple, not Mandragora.

Mugwort is often used to protect against evil spirits, Mugwort is also believed to dispel fatigue from travelers, aid in astral travel, dream magic and divination.

Sage Leaf (Sage officinales) is well known for its powers of protection, healing and prosperity, and is also said to be of great use in seeking deeper sources of wisdom.

Vervain is used to aid in warding off evil spirits and vampires, Vervain is also a great aid of divination, trances, dream magic and creating love spells.

Wormwood hung at the waist is said to be protective. It is often burned as an incense during rituals and spell work designed to increase or develop psychic powers. It is also connected to Masculine Energy, Mars and Fire Element.

Yarrow Flower is used to protect against negativity. Also used in Handfasting ceremonies and weddings Yarrow flower is also helpful in spells of divination.

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