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4" Love Smudge Stick

An 4" long bundle of Mountain Sage, white sage & wild lavendar...


4" Prosperity Smudge Stick

An 4" long bundle of Mountain Saged Pine for prosperity smudge ceremonies...


Abalone Shell 3" - 4" Incense Burner

Useful for burning cone or resin incense, as a receptacle for smudge wands, holder for crystals or t..


Abalone Shell 3" - 4" Incense Burner with Stand -15%

Abalone Shell 3" - 4" Incense Burner with Stand

Abalone Shell Incens Burner with Stand for granular incense and to rest smudge sticks. 3"-4"..

$19.95 $16.95

Abalone Shell 5"- 6" Incense Burner

Abalone shell incense burner. They range in size from 5-6 assorted. These silvery and iridescent ab..


Cedar, White & Blue Sage Smudge Sticks 4" 3 Pk

This collection of smudge sticks provides you with an assortment of traditional herbs used within sm..


Ceremonial Mountain Sage, Cedar, and Sweetgrass Smudge Sticks 3 Pack 4"

Utilizing three herbs often used for smudging; these ceremonial smudge sticks incorporate Mountain S..


Clearing Spaces by Khi Armand

Out with the bad energy, in with the good! Khi Armand, a specialist in space clearing with expertise..


Juniper Smudge Stick 3"

Cleanse and purify with this juniper smudge stick, using its fragrant smoke to attractive positive e..


Kin Nic Kin Nic Smudge Blend 1oz

A loose herbal smudge blend often used for cleansing and purification over charcoal or open fire. U..


Lavender Smudge Stick 8"

A bundled smudge stick of White Sage & Lavender. 7"-8"..


Leather Wrapped Smudging Feather 10"

Use this feather to sweep the smoke of sage or sweetgrass in rituals of purification and prayer. 10"..


Leather Wrapped Smudging Feather 12"

Use this feather to sweep the smoke of sage or sweetgrass in rituals of purification and prayer. 12"..


Love & Happiness Smudge Stick 5-6"

Created by the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico, this smudge stick features a special ..


Medicine Wheel Pinion Pine Oil 1 dram

Creating a rich, earthy atmosphere of healing and protection, this anointing oil provides for you a ..


Medicine Wheel Sweet Grass Oil 1 dram

Offering the sweet aroma of sweetgrass, this sacred oil is a great way to empower your purification ..


Medicine Wheel Western Sage Oil 1 dram

Richly imbued with the fragrance of Sage, this sacred oil can be used within your purification ritua..


Mystic Gold Smudge Sticks 4" 3pk

Each mystic gold smudge stick three pack contains three smudge sticks blending the scent of sage and..


Sage & Cedar Smudge Stick 5"

Blending traditional Sage with the influence of Cedar, this smudge stick is ideal for rituals and sp..


Sage & Lavender Smudge Stick 5"

This smudge stick introduces Lavender to the traditional art of smudging, adding its calming influen..


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