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Amethyst Rune Set New

Amethyst Rune Set

This rune set offers you a wonderful divination tool combined with amethyst being the healing stones..


Apatite Untumbled Stones 1 lb

A healing stone this rough Apatite is raw and naturally untumbled. Aids in self-expression and commu..


Druid's Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants by Jon Hughes

In this practical guide to Druidic plant magic, Jon G. Hughes reveals the gentle alchemy of converti..


Hops Flower Whole 1 Lb (Humulus iupulus)

Known mostly as an ingredient for beer and ale, hops has also been used around the world for many pu..


Mythic Celts Call of Annwn Spiritual Abundance Pendant

"Annwn" is the Otherworld in Welsh mythology. Ruled by Arawn, it was essentially a world of delights..


Mythic Celts Star of Skellig Spiritual Growth Pendant

The Skellig Star is central to Irish mythology and astronomy as the lunar phases closely mirror our ..


Sahasrara Chakra Incense Stick 10 Pack

This unique blend of the finest fragrances features the sacred and revered lotus blossom. Following ..


Sahasrara Chakra Resin Incense 1.2oz

Pure lotus essential oil is blended with natural resin incense, herbs, spices and various other pure..


Spiritual Cleansings and Psychic Defenses by Robert Laremy

Learn the time honored methods of fighting off psychic attacks and defending your spiritual self wit..


Spiritual Sealing Wax Kit

Customize spells, rituals, and more with enchanting wax stamps. Boxed kit includes 3 natural wax sti..


Unicorn Wand for Spiritual Development New

Unicorn Wand for Spiritual Development

Celtic Sorcery Charm for Spiritual Development - Traditionally a symbol of purity, when used as a wa..