Stryx Necklace by Alchemy of England

New Stryx Necklace by Alchemy of England


Companion to Athena the Greek goddess of wisdom, and an intimately close escort into The Underworld. In Ancient Roman mythology, the owl also had a darker aspect, being considered synonymous with the stryx, a type of vampire that fed on human flesh and blood.

An antiqued and polished pewter, articulated necklace of a stylized owl-like creature with a giant black Swarovski crystal body and separate, deeply modeled wings. On split trace chain, 22"/55cm overall length plus a 1½" extender chain.

Approximate Dimensions:

Width 3.6" x Height 4.9" x Depth 0.4"


22" with 1.5" extender chain


Fine English Pewter, large black Swarovski crystal

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  • $104.95

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