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Amazonite & Quartz Bracelet with Ching Coin

Ching coin hangs from this Amazonite and Quartz bracelet with its magical abilities to predict the f..


Chrysolcolla & Clear Quartz 8mm with Dragonfly

Find the deeper meanings in life with this Dragonfly charmed bracelet. Made with, Dyed Chrysocolla a..


Clear Quartz 2" Crystal Ball 50mm

This petite crystal ball has been a timeless icon of divination and fortune telling for years upon y..


Clear Quartz 3" Crystal Ball 80mm

This mid-sized crystal ball is a traditional and widely known tool for your divination magic and med..


Clear Quartz 7 Chakra Pendulum

A neutral pendulum of clear quartz for your divination practices, strung on a chain decorated with b..


Clear Quartz Angel Pendant

This clear quartz angel pendant is beautifully sculpted and polished and includes an attached bail. ..


Clear Quartz Heart 1 3/4"

Quartz crystal hearts are clear to translucent, each has its own combination of inclusions and densi..


Clear Quartz Rune Set

Sculpted of tumbled clear quartz, a stone highly valued for its spiritual and energetic qualities, t..


Gemstone Angel Pendants in Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quarts, Blue Sodalite

Gemstones in the shape of angels in Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quarts And Blue Sodalite. Comb..


Palo Santo & Clear Quartz Bracelet

Quartz and Palo Santo beaded bracelet. This bracelet performs double duty with this combo. Quartz is..


Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz Double Terminated Point Pendant 1 3/8" New

Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz Double Terminated Point Pendant 1 3/8"

Quartz is know as a master clearer and is said to be a powerful stone that can amplify any energy or..