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Blue Tailed Dragonfly Amulet

This lead-free pewter, dragonfly amulet is adorned with a blue dotted tail. Dragonflies are symbolic..


Celtic Hare Card 6 pk New

Celtic Hare Card 6 pk

6 richly colored cards featuring a Celtic Hare Trinity theme representing renewal, spring, fertility..


Gothic Hengeband - Needfire Butterfly for Renewal

The butterfly is one of nature’s greatest symbols of growth and transformation. It is associated wit..


Mythic Celts Ouroborous Renewal Pendant

The Ouroboros represents an eternal cycle of renewal - the past disappears but is still present in t..


Goddess of Earth Altar / Tarot Cloth 18" x 18"

Focused upon an image of a fertility goddess backed by an intricate pentagram, this altar cloth is a..