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Bat's Blood Writing Kit

Comes with 5 sheets of parchment, 1 feather to fashion as a quill pen & 1 bottle of Bats Blood m..


Bayou Witch Bat's Blood .5 oz

Used in practice of black arts to create discord, tension, and havoc; used on fetishes, charms, red,..


Bed of Blood Roses Gothic Necklace by Alchemy of England

The heart is the seedbed of tangled emotions and condemned romance, as black roses flourish in ..


Bed Of Blood Roses Watch New

Bed Of Blood Roses Watch

Hiding a wealth of tangled emotions and a complex romance, the sparkling roses flourish within the h..


Blood Rose Heart Pendant by Alchemy of England

A dark romance secretly blossoms from the life blood of a once broken heart; with Swarovski crystals..


Bloodstone Pyramid 25-30mm

Sculpted from bloodstone, this finely faceted pyramid is a powerful aid in energy work, particularly..


Bloodstone Rune Set

This handcrafted Bloodstone rune set beautifully displays the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and one ..


Bloodstone Tumbled Stones 1 lb

Bloodstone is most often used to instill courage in dangerous situations and protects from dangerous..


Children of the Night - Blood Trinity to Live, to Love & Live Evermore by Briar

Share with me my roses’ red nectar in sweet unity. Our forbidden communion shall take us from yearni..


Children of the Night - Vampire Blood Amulet for Life by Briar

We share a secret no one may discover: My life force will be your making. You shall become exception..


Dove's Blood Writing Kit

The Doves Blood writing kit comes with 5 sheets of parchment, 1 feather to fashion as a quill pen & ..


Dragon's Blood Granular Incense 1 Lb

This is a premium resin famous for use as an incense. Light a charcoal disk and set some dragons blo..


Dragon's Blood HEM cone 10 pack

This is a 10 pack of high quality Dragon's Blood incense from HEM, known for its magical properties...


Dragon's Blood oil 2 dram

Our Dragon's Blood oil makes a fantastic supplement to spells and rituals. It is a reddish brown fro..


Dragon's Blood oil 4 dram

This dragons blood oil with fragrance is a welcome addition for calling dragon energy, protection, c..


Dragon's Blood Writing Kit

The Dragons Blood writing kit comes with 5 sheets of parchment, 1 feather to fashion as a quill pen ..


Dragons Blood powder incense 1 3/4 oz

Self-lighting powder incense to strengthen and empower your magical works. 1 3/4 oz...


Dragons Blood soap 100 g

A mild 100% vegetable based soap to gently cleanse your skin. This beautiful fragranced soap is desi..


Espiritu Love Spell Oils 1oz New

Espiritu Love Spell Oils 1oz

Oils may provide many different results in various areas in your life. Use them in ritual magic, ano..


Heart's Blood Earrings New

Heart's Blood Earrings

Passion exudes as the Swarovski crystals sparkle just beneath the surface of the clear, blood red en..