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Amethyst Chevron Tumbled Stones 1 lb

Chevron Amethyst is formed where veins of white quartz and amethyst have formed together in the rock..


Black Obsidian tumbled stones 1 lb

Obsidian is a naturally created glass. It is formed form volcanic lava which cooled too quickly for ..


Black Onyx Tumbled Stones 1 lb

Black onyx enhances steadfastness, determination, and is a potent stone for grounding. Black Onyx of..


Jasper, Dragon Blood tumbled stones 1 lb

Jasper, Dragon Blood Stone is thought to promote patience and stimulate perception and personal powe..


Sunstone Tumbled Stones 1 lb

Natural Sunstone seems to reflect the golden dazzle of the morning sun and is often used as a ritual..