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7 Knobs Figure Candles in Black, Red, Green, White

Seven knob candles (also known as wishing candles) can be thought of as analogues to knot magic - ei..


Advanced Candle Magick - by Raymond Buckland

Advanced Candle Magick by Ray Buckland The authors first book on candle magick, Practical Candleburn..


Attract Soul Mate Anointed Ritual Candle

The attract soul mate ritual candle has been charged, anointed, and inscribed in Theban by a witch t..


Black Seven Knob Candles

Black Seven knob candles (also known as wishing candles) can be thought of as analogues to knot magi..


Candle Carving Set

This 8 piece set offers a variety of tools intended for carving wood but absolutely perfect for carv..


Candle Magic by Lady Passion New

Candle Magic by Lady Passion

An experienced High Priestess explains the benefits of working with fire; introduces rare fire Eleme..


Candle Magic by Phillip Cooper

This collection of spells, rituals and magic routines provides easily-learned instructions on how to..


Candle Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster

Candle Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster: From blowing out the candles on a birthday cake and m..


Chime 20 Packs - 13 Colors with FREE Fairy Star Chime Holder

Chime Candles + FREE gold fairy star candle holder.Lavender colored chime candles are often used..


Female Figure Candle Green 6"-7"

Ideal for working with candle magic and other magical endeavors related to prosperity, personal grow..


Gold Metallic Taper Candles 9"

A wonderful option when you are looking to add candlelight to your home or provide a firm base for y..


Lailokens Awen Balancing Candle 4 1/4"

Light candle to balance your chakras and personal energy. Made on the day and in the hour of the Sun..


Lailokens Awen Business Success Candle 4 1/4"

Light candles for success in business, to attract customers, and increased cash flow. Made on the d..


Lailokens Awen Love Candle 4 1/4"

Use to attract love and friendship, or to increase the love you already have. Beeswax Made in Canada..


Lailokens Awen Purification Candle 4 1/4"

Use to purify the body and spirit of negative energies...


Lailokens Awen Sexuality Candle 4 1/4"

Use to bring passion into your life, to increase your sexuality, and to attract sexual partners...


Magic Candle, Facts & Fundamentals by Charmaine Dey

Magic Candle by Charmaine Dey explains to you the methods, the science, and the magic of candle burn..


Marriage Candle, Black 6 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/4"

The Black Marriage candle is intended to help shape the act of marriage and the union of two souls t..


Marriage Candle, Red 6 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/4"

Depicting a bride and groom, this red marriage candle is most frequently used to celebrate the act o..