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1001 Spells for Every Purpose (hc) by Cassandra Eason

For love, for money, for career, for home: this comprehensive compendium contains a creative array o..


Agrimony cut (Agrimonia eupatoria) 1 Lb

Agrimony is often used in spells, rituals and mojo bags to protect from and expel negative energies ..


Anne Stokes Carpe Noctum - Pentadraca for Achievement of Goals

Dragon unites with Star to make a powerful magick. ‘Do what you will’ shall be the whole of the Law...


Anne Stokes Carpe Noctum - Prayer for the Fallen for Remembrance

Life can be hard and sometimes filled with sorrow, but with her protective wings the angel remembers..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Hedera Helix for Faithfulness & Good Friendships

My evergreen ivy wraps snugly but does not confine, clasping close with a promise to keep my crystal..


Anne Stokes Dragon Card 6 Packs - Girls & Dragons

Dragon friends and conpanions make these notecareds the perfect pick me up or special message of kin..


Anne Stokes Enchanted Cameo - Forest Unicorn

Created by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Beautiful double unicorn and crescent moon cameo fea..


Anne Stokes Enchanted Cameo - Prayer For The Fallen

Created by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Beautiful double angel winged cameo features heart s..


Anne Stokes Mythical Companions - Griffin of Nemesis for Universal Justice

Nemesis, Goddess of Justice, delivered judgement from a chariot drawn by eight Griffins. Our Griffin..


Anne Stokes Mythical Companions - Griffin's Gift for Good Fortune

In a magical place called the Land of Riches, a flying Griffin scattered gems like raindrops from a ..


Anne Stokes Yule Card 6 Packs

Get 20% OFF when you buy 2 or more 6 Packs of yule cards by artist Anne Stokes. Inside each card is ..


Astral Projection for Beginner by Edain McCoy

Astral Projection for Beginner by Edain McCoy Written for beginners, this book provides step-by-step..


Bearberry, whole (Uva Ursi) 2oz (mexican)

Used sometimes by Native Americans in smudging, Bearberry (or kinnikinnick) smoke is said to carry t..


Black Obsidian Hope Butterfly Bracelet

A simple but powerful power bracelet made from natural cut and polished beads with a Butterfly cha..


Blue Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stones 1 lb

Tigers Eye is a popular stone for grounding., protection & energy shifting. Use it to help shed exce..


Briar Angels & Faeries Bluebell Faerie Pendant for Magickal Dreams -40%

Briar Angels & Faeries Bluebell Faerie Pendant for Magickal Dreams

Each pendant is is supplied in a presentation box with a matching chain and an instruction leaflet o..

$24.95 $14.95

Briar Gemstones - Cassiellum, Amethyst for Karma Clearing

This Amethyst gemstone of the Heavens set on the symbol of fire with the Sigil of Cassiel, Angel of ..


Briar Gemstones - Cross of St. Michael, Hematite for Protection

Hematite is the stone of immense strength. It is mounted on the Archangel Cross of St. Michael for p..


Briar Gemstones - Equalibra, Citrine for Balance

Citrine, the stone of harmony, aligning male and female, above and below with the wise symbols of Ai..


Briar Gemstones - Fidensa, Malachite for Grounding

This Malachite stone clears past traumas, the Earthly symbols bring security and grounding. Set..