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Blue & Yellow Tiger Eye Bracelet with Owl

This blue and yellow tiger's eye bracelet is highlighed with faceted pieces. It is accented with a p..


Briar Gemstones - Libera, Peridot for Release Negativity

This Peridot gemstone is mounted on the symbols of fire to cleanse the Spirit and release negativity..


Celtic Birth Charm Heulsaf Yr Haf to Invoke Wealth

June 9 - July 1 With the sun at its highest point, summer gloriously begins. On Heulsaf Yr Haf (Summ..


Celtic Birth Charm Lughnasagh to Invoke Intuition

July 25 - August 16 The Celts honored the feast of sun god Lugh. In celebration of the harvest, Lugh..


Celtic Birth Charm Ser Kai to Invoke Willpower

July 2 - July 24 For the Celts, Ser Kai (Sirius) signaled the hottest weeks of the year when the "Do..


Moonstone Goddess Earrings

These earrings will allow you to focus your energy with a short meditation and the gentle swaying of..


Moonstone Rainbow Pyramid 25-30mm

Rainbow moonstone brings balance, harmony, hope, and more with it's gentle calming energies. This ra..


Peridot Beauty & Happiness Pendant by Nature's Power

Softens tensions bringing forth beauty and happiness. Approximate 1" sealed vial with natural oil ad..


Rainbow Moonstone 7 Chakra Pendulum New

Rainbow Moonstone 7 Chakra Pendulum

Rainbow Moonstone, a perfect gemstone companion for Cancer, with 7 chakra fob for divination with pe..


Tiger Eye & Black Agate Buddhist Wheel Elastic Mala

Browns and gold with the shimmer noted in the tiger eye gem, make this a unique piece.Tiger Eye & Bl..


Tiger Eye & Quartz Bracelet w/ Tree of Life

Tiger eye for good luck, wealth, success and joy with quartz to add the power to this gemstone Tree ..


Tiger Eye & Rutilated Quartz 8mm Bracelet w/ Elephant Ganesha Charm

A quaint charming bracelet, carrying lots of strength and energies, made with, 8mm round beaded Brow..


Tiger Eye 8mm Gemstone Bracelet

A quaint charming bracelet, carrying lots of strength and energies, made with, 8mm round beaded Brow..


Tiger Eye Pendulum Bracelet -25%

Tiger Eye Pendulum Bracelet

Each of these Pendulum Bracelets is a powerful and multi-use magical tool. Each can serve its owner ..

$25.95 $19.49

Tiger Eye Power Bracelet

Made of 1/4" polished tiger eye spheres and often worn to help enhance psychic and mental ability th..


Tiger Eye Pyramid 25-30mm

Using the potency of pyramid magic with the spiritual properties of tiger's eye, this small pyramid ..


Tiger Eye Stretch Bracelet 4mm

A one size fits most bracelet made from natural stone beads strung on a durable elastic band. Tiger ..


Wire Wrapped Tiger Eye Double Terminated Point

A cut & polished Tiger's Eye point wrapped with pewter wire, ready to accept your choice of chain or..


Zodiac Pendant - Cancer

Cancers have strong capacity to nourish and protect others. Family and childhood are important. Sign..


Recipes from Pagan Realms
How to make Stollen Bread

How to make Stollen Bread

Florian 08/08/2019 0
The weather has been so hot lately that I find when I meditate, that I try to focus on cooler (and simpler) times.I grew up in a traditional German American household and a lot of things that came from my grandmother’s kitchen had recipes that are hundreds of years old. I know it’s a little early fo...
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Guest Blog
How to Make and Use Black Salt

How to Make and Use Black Salt

Florian 09/06/2019 1
His first blog was so popular, we decided to bring you more of Harry's ideas about food and magic, so here's Harry! I would like to thank everyone who read and responded to my first blog on chocolate. It was my first attempt at blogging, and I was proud and happy to see how many people read and resp...
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